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Waifu Inspired Lingerie and Street Fashion Store

There’s no denying it; lingerie is trending in the fashion world. We’ve always enjoyed lingerie in the comfort of our homes, so now it’s time to embrace it in more public realms. 

Lingerie has been making more and more appearances in street fashion, which has always pushed the boundaries of the fashion community. Lingerie sets help take things to the next level and deliver bold, statement outfits that the fashion world loves.

Both waifu-inspired lingerie and street fashion are fashion terms that many include in their daily fashion vocabulary. So, let’s break it down and look at exactly what people are talking about. 

What Is Street Fashion?

Street style has evolved into one of the most popular fashion trends. Bold, attention-grabbing items are sought-after street fashion pieces. Places like New York City, Paris, and London have all seen street fashion influence their famous fashion weeks. Street style encourages individuals to embrace their personalities and showcase them to the world. 

Like street style, lingerie invites individuals to feel comfortable and sexy in their bodies. That’s why you’ll notice so much overlap, especially when it comes to options like backless tops, swimsuits, and so much more. 

What Is the Difference Between Lingerie and Waifu-Inspired Lingerie?

Lingerie once was fairly limited to the bedroom. It’s a way of spicing things up and keeping things new and interesting for your romantic partners — or even yourself. Now, lingerie is in all of the corners of our lives, not just our private lives.

Lingerie is a large category of items worn both inside and outside the bedroom. The items can include bras, thongs, crop tops, tights, babydolls, and countless accessories, and they’re all about making you feel good in your own skin. 

Waifu is a term used for a character that someone is attracted to on varying levels. This character is usually from a TV show, movie, anime, video game, or book, and they’re often from Japanese media. 

Waifu-inspired lingerie is a subset all its own. Waifu-inspired lingerie allows individuals to embody characters that they may be attracted to or play the role of a character that their partner adores. 

Lingerie, such as waifu-inspired lingerie, is a great method of engaging in cosplay. Cosplay keeps things spicy in the bedroom. Maid lingerie, sexy anime lingerie, or other kawaii-inspired options. These options also might be used as cosplay lingerie. 

Double Trouble: Lingerie and Street Style Together

The perfect place to start when introducing lingerie-inspired pieces to your street fashion style is with products that can act as both lingerie and street style. 

At Moeflavor, we sell both waifu-inspired lingerie and street fashion pieces. 

Lingerie, as a whole, is becoming increasingly popular on fashion runways. Making their debut appearances on famous runways, corset tops, slip dresses, items made of silk, and vinyl skirts are all items you can wear in and out of the bedroom. 

This Sheer Succubus Bodysuit, which comes in black, red, and pink, stays perfectly hidden under this Unisex Cyber Bunny Hoodie. Throw the skirt from our Reflective Moon Japanese Sailor Uniform over this sexy lingerie set, and you’re ready to go! It brings just the right amount of goth energy to make the perfect cosplay costume, too. 

Layering in fashion has always been extremely popular. Who says this rule of thumb can’t also apply to layering over top of your lingerie so that you can keep some things a secret?

Another great example of how the lines blur between waifu-inspired lingerie and street fashion is lingerie-style dresses and skirts. Dresses and skirts can be paired with an oversize hoodie and your favorite pair of sneakers or boots to maximize your street fashion look. 

To take things up a notch, consider a dress like this Dripping’ in Milk Dress. This dress comes in white and black and white, and pink, and it brings the classic energy of the cow maid. 

You could also go all-in with the maid cosplay with our Milk & Cream Maid outfit if you really want to take your sexy cosplay up a notch.


With the rise in lingerie appearing on famous runways worldwide, now is the perfect time to introduce waifu-inspired lingerie into your street fashion repertoire. 

And if you’re not ready for full-on kawaii lingerie pieces? Try out garters, chokers, kimonos, and other accessories before diving right into lace lingerie. You can even find lingerie-inspired swimwear and other sleepwear if you’re interested! 

Make sure you hop on the trend before everyone else! Find your perfect crossover piece today at Moeflavor and start adding things to your wishlist. 


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