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Cosplay is a concept that people are becoming more familiar with every day. Cosplay is the act of dressing in costume (often a sexy costume) and makeup to play the role of a character. The character may be from a favorite movie, TV series, book, video game, or anime. 

The most fun part about cosplay is that it’s not just about elaborate costumes. Cosplay bathing suits are also a thing, from one-piece swimsuits that you can top with decorative kimonos to backless two-piece bathing suits that’ll be on the wishlist of anyone who sees you.

We have the perfect cosplay costumes and swimsuits for whatever environment you feel the most comfortable exploring. Read on to find what’s right for you!


Cosplay swimsuits are a large part of the fashion scene in Harajuku, an area of Tokyo between Shinjuku and Shibuya. Anyone can enjoy the fun, young, fashion-driven place by hopping on the Yamanote Train Line. 

The street style in Harajuku is known to be a collection of sub-styles, such as cosplay, decora, mori kei, and visual kei. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Harajuku, you totally should! 

Harajuku is a fashion paradise to many. It has had a great impact on Southeast Asian countries and west coast areas of the United States.

The good news is travel is not necessary to rock a cosplay swimsuit. These swimsuits are trendy and versatile, meaning you can wear them practically anywhere! 

Wear your cosplay swimsuit the next time you’re at the beach, or wear it as an accessory to your favorite outfit the next time you leave the house. Start exploring the many places where you can wear your favorite cosplay costumes or swimsuits!


Cosplay is not limited to conventions. You can incorporate cosplay into your public, everyday life. There are so many opportunities to engage in cosplay, from getting a coffee or going for a walk — or at the beach. 

We’re talking about swimsuits! Cosplay swimsuits are a fun way to elevate any day you spend outside. Whether you prefer a bikini set or you’re looking for more of a bodysuit, there are anime swimsuit options out there that you’ll love. Plus, you can always toss on a jumpsuit or a halter top to make that beachwear just a little more appropriate for the outside world. 

If you were thinking about cosplay in a more private setting, rest assured that these styles are also extremely popular in the bedroom. They allow individuals to explore different characters and things in a safe space with a partner(s).


Cosplay swimsuits are perfect for any day and time. You can also wear a cosplay swimsuit with your everyday clothing, and these hot swimsuits are fun to play with and explore. Whether you’re looking for Harajuku swimsuits or kawaii swimsuits, take a journey into our swimsuit store for the ultimate poolside, anime convention, and beach day looks.


If you’re into the kawaii look, you may be a bit more comfortable in one-piece swimwear or a tankini with a bit more coverage when looking at bathing suit cosplay costumes. A great suit to start with when exploring kawaii cosplay bathing suits is this Kawaii Reflective Rainbow Sailor Set. This black two-piece set appears dark grey in the daylight, and when light is projected onto it, it seems rainbow in color. 

The set also comes in a white option. Find the place where the phone camera and flash work perfectly with your Kawaii Reflective Rainbow Sailor Set. This swimsuit is perfect for a cute kawaii vibe no matter where you rock it.

The underwear on the backside has かわいい written on it, which translates to cute, making it the perfect kawaii bathing suit for anyone. You’ll love how adorable the kawaii swimsuits are here at MOEFLAVOR!


This Danger Cyber Cat Bikini is sure to turn up the heat! You’ll need to cool off after wearing this. 

The great thing about this Danger Cyber Cat Bikini swimsuit is the countless pairing options. It goes well with this Danger Cyber Cat Headband and even this Danger Cyber Cat Outfit if you’re looking to take this theme into lingerie. This cosplay swimsuit is a clear example of how versatile and fitting cosplay bathing suits can be in any situation.

You've come to the right place if you’re looking for matching cosplay bathing suits for your best friend and yourself! This Devil 666 Cheerleader Swimsuit Uniform and Angel 777 Cheerleader Swimsuit Uniform are a match made in heaven.


Take a look at the Manga Noises One Piece Swimsuit, available in both white and black for two separate but equally stylish looks. 

These bathing suits are the definition of fashionable Harajuku swimsuits. Little bow accents on your hips are both playful and sexy at the same time, and with its pink details are bound to make you think of nights in Shibuya!


Find the best cosplay swimsuit for yourself. There is a different cosplay swimsuit for every occasion you would need one on in your life! MOEFLAVOR is going to be your new favorite swimsuit store for any and all things kawaii. 

MOEFLAVOR carries cosplay swimsuits, kawaii swimsuits, and adorable Harajuku swimsuits. No matter what facet of Japanese culture you want to embody, our swimsuit store has your back. 

Grab our Neko Swimsuit for an oh-so kawaii swimsuit look. Or maybe you have your eye on our harajuku swimsuits? Check out our Manga Noises Bikini or One Piece cosplay swimsuits for a super trendy way to bring a little cosplay to the beach. 

And remember, any cosplay swimsuit can be made extra spicy or made to fit any occasion with the help of accessories. Finding a fun cover-up lets other people’s minds wander while you sit back and relax. Or, try pairing your cosplay swimsuit with a great hair accessory, such as a headband or a hat. 

What are you waiting for? Start exploring different cosplay swimsuits today!