Anime Conventions Around the World (2022)

Anime Conventions Around the World (2022)

Anime cons and meetups are an incredibly fun way to gather with fellow fans of all things across the anime frontier, along with manga, video games, and Japanese pop culture. Getting together with others and taking part in events and organizations related to your favorite hobbies is even shown to benefit our well-being.

Anime expos are beginning to make a resurgence in 2022, and we couldn’t be more excited. The public’s love for anime conventions knows no bounds … aside from Antarctica. Yes, Japanese animation conventions take place at convention centers on practically every continent!

We have the ultimate list of every anime convention that you should know about in 2022, as well as the inside scoop on what cosplays and outfits are in this year for your 2022 con debut. 

When Was the First Anime Convention?

The beginnings of anime conventions started off as smaller events where fans could swap manga and discuss their love of anime and comics. Japan was home to the world’s first anime exposition, known as Comiket, in 1975. 

As a sneak peeks into what anime cons are taking place in Asia this year, you will find Comiket on the list — 47 years after its inception, the first ever con is still going strong. The humble start of anime conventions paved the way for worldwide gatherings and events.

Anime Conventions in the United States

Since Comiket, anime conventions have become a staple in the United States and across the world. The first anime convention in the US took place in San Jose, California in 1991, and members of the anime fandom flocked to get autographs from voice actors and see screenings of unreleased episodes.

Some of the most popular current anime cons in North America include:

  • Anime NYC (New York City)
  • Anime Texas
  • Anime Boston
  • Showboat Atlantic City
  • Youmacon (Detroit, Michigan)
  • GalaxyCon Columbus
  • Anime Matsuri (Houston, Texas)
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta
  • Anime Los Angeles
  • AniMinneapolis (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Anime Midwest (Chicago, Illinois)

Anime Conventions in Europe 2022

If you live abroad — or want to bring some otaku realness to your next vacation — check out some of these awesome anime conventions in Europe!

European Anime Conventions in Winter 2022

The winter months are slower when it comes to anime con season. For anime conventions in Europe, not counting the UK, the event year usually begins in the month of February.

You’ll find Aishiteru 2022 taking place in Poland, serving as Eastern Europe’s first anime con of the year. Aishiteru translates to “I love you” in Japanese, and we love that.

Two anime conventions will occur in Spain in early 2022: Japan Weekend Madrid 2022 and ExpOtaku Logroño 2022. ExpOtaku takes place on the same weekend that Japan Expo Sud will be going on in France, so choose your European anime con wisely! Who are we kidding, though? You really can’t go wrong with either option.

European Anime Conventions in Spring 2022

The month of March takes us to France, Hungary, and Spain. We are partial to Paris’s Manga and Sci-Fi Show 2022, with numerous notable panelists attending, such as Sean Pertwee from Gotham!

April is one of Europe’s busiest months when it comes to cons. You can hop around multiple countries and hit up a ton of exciting anime conventions! 

France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Germany get into the anime convention spirit in April 2022. Wondering what anime convention we recommend in April? LuxCon/EuroCon in Luxembourg showcases workshops, speeches, and engaging panels. Not to mention the perfect place to show off your Chizuru Mizuhara cosplay!

We continue our European anime convention tour in May with events in the Czech Republic, Austria, and Portugal. Fantasy Basel in Switzerland offers the best in video games, costume contests, and comics. While you’re in Basel, be sure to take some photos in your epic cosplay next to the majestic Rhine River.

European Anime Conventions in Summer 2022

Anime Con in the Netherlands lets us learn everything there is to know about Japanese pop culture. Desucon 2022 is one of Scandinavia's premiere anime fan gatherings and takes place in the gorgeous country of Finland. We round out the month of June with Convention Geek Unchained 2022 in Mulhouse, France.

Let’s kick off July with a bang, shall we? Slovakia’s biggest anime convention, AnimeSHOW 2022, does not disappoint. Japan Expo also takes place under July’s brilliant sunshine — this con is one of the largest anime conventions in the world outside of Japan. Make Japan Expo a stop on your summer jaunt around Europe!

NärCon Sommar 2022 in Sweden boasts itself as the largest gaming and cosplay festival in the Nordics, paving the way for more summer anime con fun in August.

Lucky for us, Switzerland and Austria are right next to each other – meaning we can hop between the two on the weekend of August 20th, 2022. You’ll find the exciting events of Japan Impact 2022 and Shiro Matsuri 2022 going on in both of these countries.

European Anime Conventions in Fall 2022

Fall, autumn…whatever you happen to call the season where the leaves change color, we have European anime cons for you. 

Norway provides us with Banzaicon, while Iberanime takes place in the warmer climate of Portugal, both in October of 2022. You’ll also be able to dress up for Zurich Pop Con & Game Show in Switzerland!

Anime Conventions in The United Kingdom 2022

The United Kingdom is home to almost 69 million people, with anime fans and cosplayers in the mix. Most of the anime conventions in the UK take place in Scotland, England, and Ireland’s biggest cities. 

Anime & Gaming Con 2022 happens in many different cities around the UK. Brighton, London, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, and Liverpool, just to name a few. Anime & Gaming Con is THE place to be for cosplaying and making friends who appreciate Japanese culture. 

Anime Conventions in Asia 2022

Anime first got its start in the Asian country of Japan, so it’s no surprise that multiple countries in Asia have anime conventions coming up this year!

Japan Expo Thailand in January has become a great way for the people of Thailand to see what games, anime, and manga Japan brings to the table. Meanwhile, Comic World Taiwan is Taiwan’s own little slice of the anime convention pie. Although, we shouldn’t say ‘little.” Comic World is Taiwan’s biggest anime convention!

Anime Conventions in Australia and New Zealand 2022

Australia and New Zealand are incredibly beautiful, diverse, and interesting countries, each with its own unique traditions and ways of life. There is one constant that the rest of the world agrees with, though: the need for anime conventions!

Head down under to attend Supanova Comic Con & Gaming: with events in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast. Since the year 2000, the Supanova community has been cultivating a one-of-a-kind community of anime, manga, and gaming fans alike.

Land in New Zealand, and you’ll be welcomed by Armageddon Expo. This worldly anime convention has gatherings taking place in multiple cities across the country of New Zealand. Whether you’re in Auckland, Palmerston North, Christchurch, or Wellington, you can enjoy the fun festivities of Armageddon Expo!

What to Wear to an Anime Convention

Now that you have your pick of anime conventions around the world to attend, what to wear? We have a few ideas on how to look kawaii anywhere from Japan to Austria to Oceania!

Our Angel 777 Cheerleader Swimsuit Uniform is a cosplayer’s bubble pop dream. Invite your BFF to attend a con with you, and have them don this cute swimsuit’s counterpart: the Devil 666 Cheerleader Swimsuit Uniform. You two will be the perfect pair at Niko Niko Fest in Mexico!

The Cyber Bunny Set, available in both black and white, is a must-have for any anime convention around the world. This set includes a bunny headband, shoulder top, bra, skirt, and underwear — and who could forget the wrist cuffs?

If you feel like rockin’ a harajuku-inspired dress at your next con, try the Mesh Manga Noises Dress. Incorporate sexy accessories such as our Luna Thigh High Stockings or even our Devil Horn Headband in a matching pink color.


Chances are, you can find an anime convention or event going on on any given day throughout the world. There will be so many fun opportunities to dress up, mingle, and attend the exciting anime cons that take place in Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia, and Australia.

What are you waiting for? Grab your plane tickets and pack your Danger Gamer Bunny Headband into your carry-on. You’re going to have a blast at any and all of these anime conventions taking place around the world in 2022!



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