Anime Conventions in California: Anime Convention Schedule (2022)


Welcome to sunny California in North America! California is home to many incredible attractions and events. From the sandy beaches to celebrity sightings, there are so many reasons to visit the West Coast.

You may not know this, but the state of California is home to some pretty awesome conventions too. Thankfully for us, there is a wide variety of conventions to choose from, whether it’s AniFest, the Crunchyroll Expo, Anime Los Angeles, or Wondercon. We’re so excited about this year's anime conventions, we can’t choose just one!

No matter if you are a local Californian or traveling to participate, there is a special something for every anime lover in the Golden State. Whether you are cosplaying a character, creating your own, or just joining in on the fun with friends, MOEFLAVOR has assembled the ultimate lineup to satisfy your convention cravings. You’re welcome! 

Northern California

If you are searching for conventions on the Northside of CA, we’ve got the perfect lineup for you. No matter where you are in NorCal, we’ve got you covered!

SacAnime Convention: Sacramento, California

At SacAnime Convention in Sacramento, California, you definitely won’t have an uneventful day. From a Super Smash Bros video game tournament to Manga contests and voice actor guest appearances, you could never be bored at this convention. 

SacAnime will run from September 2nd to 3rd, and single or double-day tickets can be purchased online. If you can’t make the convention as soon as September, the exposition will return in the winter: mark your calendars for January 6th to 8th of 2023!

Fan Expo San Francisco: San Francisco, California 

Fan Expo in San Francisco is the ultimate convention for all things comic book, sci-fi, horror, gaming, and anime this coming fall. The Fan Expo is three fun-packed days of citywide events, family-friendly activities, and famous celebrity appearances. 

This is an event that you won’t want to miss, and you can bring the whole family, too. Don’t forget your cosplay! There may or may not be a cosplay contest with a prize at the end of the convention.

Tickets for Fan Expo can be purchased online, and the event will run from November 25th to 27th at the Moscone Center. 

Los Angeles, California

If NorCal isn’t going to work for you, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered for all areas of California! As an entertainment hub, it makes sense that L.A. will have its own special lineup of super-fun conventions.

Here are MOEFLAVOR’s top picks for conventions in Los Angeles that you absolutely can’t miss.

AniMarketplace at the Jaccc: Los Angeles, California

Established in 2019, AniMarketplace Convention is a fun non-profit focused on swap meets and artist alleys to bring fans and creators together. The organizers of this convention emphasize the importance of highlighting local artists and creators and being the founders of the largest swap meet and artist alley in the United States. 

If you are searching for a place that highlights creativity and indie artists and allows smaller creators to shine, AniMarketplace is the perfect place for you. The AniMarketplace will take place on September 24, 2022, in sunny LA at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center.

Anime Expo 2023: Los Angeles, California

If you are searching for an upcoming anime convention that you can really plan and look forward to, we recommend the Anime Expo in Los Angeles, taking place July 1st to 4th of 2023. (Okay, this one isn’t technically in 2022, but it’s a huge event that’s coming up soon! Anime Expo 2022 happened back in July.)

The Anime Expo will be held at the Los Angeles Convention center and will be an annual celebration of Japanese pop culture and the anime industry. Founded in the 1990s, Anime Expo is one of the best and most classic anime conventions CA has to offer.

This is the perfect place to get inspired by the greatest cosplays in the AX Masquerade & Cosplay Summit USA Finals. You can pose with participants for some rockin’ social media pics or get ideas for your own cosplay. 

Speaking of cosplay, if you need any final costuming or cosplay details to plan for your next convention or cosplay, don’t forget to check out our accessories section over at MOEFLAVOR

From cute cow ears to sexy fishnets, you never know what you'll find over on our website. Check us out for your next character or cosplay or even everyday wear! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram —we want to see all of your anime con adventures and crafted cosplays wherever your next adventure takes you and your friends. 

The Rest of Southern California

As we make our way down the state of California, the anime and comic cons just keep coming. Like we said earlier, no matter where you are in CA, there’s an anime convention that fits you and your desires. 

Let’s explore some upcoming SoCal conventions that will be worth the wait!

Anime Pasadena 2022: Pasadena California

Located in Pasadena, California, at the Pasadena Convention Center, Anime Pasadena 2022 is an ever-growing, newer convention to hit the anime convention scene. 

Coming November 19th and 20th of this year, Anime Pasadena is currently selling early bird passes for only $35, which is pretty cheap for a con! There will be lots of guests, exhibitors, and special artists featured at this event, which makes it one you don’t want to miss. 

For more information, join their official Facebook page, where they post new details and events all leading up to November when the convention is actually occurring.

SoCal Anime 2022- Pomona, California 

Striving to be a platform for small business owners and artists from Southern California, the SoCal Anime convention of 2022 is the perfect place for a first-time (or fifth-time!) convention goer. 

This convention is a space for curated music, entertainment, and cosplays from near and far. Running from September 16th to 18th of 2022, SoCal Anime is a convention you want to add to your list if you are in the Pomona area. There will be a cosplay contest, live performances, and so much more.

Anime Impulse 2023: Pomona, California

Also located in the Pomona, Los Angeles area is the Anime Impulse convention that falls on January 14th to 15th of 2023, just after 2022 wraps up. Anime Impulse is LA’s biggest outdoor convention that brings you all things anime. 

Presale tickets are only $30, another awesome price for a full day's worth of convention fun. It’s being held at Pomona Fairplex, where you can revel in local art and cosplay all in one place. It’s a must-stop for Pomona locals and travelers alike! 

There is also an Anime Impulse convention being held in Orange County, California if Pomona doesn’t align with your travel plans! That convention is being held in Costa Mesa, California, at the OC Fair and Event Center from September 3rd to 4th of 2022. Virtually the same convention as before, just with different artists highlighted, vendors present, and more live events! You don’t want to miss either one if you can swing it. Life’s short… why not both?

Conventions Galore! 

From San Diego to Sacramento, no matter where you are in the great state of California, you are never too far from a fan-favorite convention jam-packed with local artists, exhibit halls, collectibles, cosplays and more. 

California is also a pretty easy state to travel through, so getting to one of these conventions on this list shouldn’t be too difficult. Pack your favorite cosplay, accessories, and sunglasses, and let’s head on out to the Golden State for new memories and new friends! 

We hope that this list can help you plan out your future upcoming convention adventures, down to the final details of your cosplays. Conventions are a time of community and bonding with people from all over who are passionate about the same pop culture and events as you. 

Make sure to take the time and effort to put yourself out there and make some friends no matter where you are, whether it be in California or another state! We hope this list helps you narrow down your travel plans and help ease the anxiety of traveling someplace new or even someplace close by and familiar. 

Happy cosplaying from your friends over at MOEFLAVOR, and sayōnara watashi no yūjin



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