Anime Expo: Anime Convention in Los Angeles

Anime Expo: Anime Convention in Los Angeles

We ship anime conventions with Japanese pop culture lovers harder than we ship Spike and Faye. Anime stans and anime fans alike come together to celebrate all things anime at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

Anime conventions are an amazing way to enjoy cosplaying, see exhibits, and meet new friends who share similar interests! There’s no better place to enjoy an anime-centric convention than sunny California’s very own Anime Expo, hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center. 

Today, we’re delving deep into everything a con devotee needs to know about Los Angeles’s beloved Anime Expo.

The History of Anime Expo

The first anime convention held in the United States took place in 1990. Anime Expo followed not too far on the heels of that first convention, beginning in the year 1991. Anime Expo was originally known as “Anime Con” and was held in the Bay Area. Southern California soon beckoned, and Anime Expo was relocated to Los Angeles in 1994.

The Anime Expo is hosted by the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA), which aims to unify fans of Japanese culture in a welcoming, fun, and inviting atmosphere.

Where Does Anime Expo Take Place?

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis, home to about four million people. While that may seem intimidating, locating Anime Expo won’t be too hard.

The annual Anime Expo is conveniently located at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The convention center hosts dozens of events during the year, from concerts and non-profit organization events to workshops and our fave anime conventions.

The Los Angeles Convention Center is near downtown L.A. and many major freeways, making getting there a breeze. Have you got your Chaotic Nurse Outfit stuffed into your carry-on as you make your way through the terminals at LAX? You don’t need to rush channeling those Silent Hill vibes. Your commute from LAX to the convention center will take between 30 to 40 minutes, depending on traffic.

When Is Anime Expo?

Anime Expo typically takes place during the first week of July, with the Anime Expo 2022 have been held on July 1st-4th. If you want to start planning for this year’s expo (because you can never start too early, don’t you agree?), you can find more information at or on the Anime News Network. 

If you’ll be traveling from out of town to the Golden State, you’ll want to keep an eye on the weather. The average temperature in July in Los Angeles is 75 degrees, but don’t be surprised to see temperatures soaring into the 80s and 90s. Warm temps and sunshine make our Love Dessert Cow Maid Cosplay look like an incredible contender for your Anime Expo outfit!

Is Anime Expo the Biggest Anime Convention?

The number of anime conventions that take place in the US cannot be contained on just one webpage. And we are HERE FOR IT. All the more opportunities to talk JoJo with fellow fans, right?! 

If you’re curious to know just how many fans you can expect to mingle with, we have the answer. Anime Expo is America’s largest anime convention – over 100,000 Japanese culture admirers attend Anime Expo in any given year.

Luckily, the Los Angeles Convention Center can handle the influx of Vash the Stampede cosplayers, manga lovers, and Nintendo devotees. There is over 720,000 square feet of space, ready for the masquerade, exhibit hall, artist alley, premiere screenings, entertainment hall, and panels.

Do You Have to Cosplay at Anime Expo?

While cosplaying at Anime Expo is not a requirement to attend, it is absolutely encouraged. Researchers have noticed that cosplaying helps make individuals more outgoing and feel more accepted. 

When you select a specific character to cosplay, chances are, there is a personality trait within that character that speaks to you. What a wonderful way to personalize your cosplay choice!

Not sure that there is one singular anime or video game character that you’re wanting to dress up as? Cosplay isn’t limited to specifics! You can mix and match outfits and accessories to craft a cosplay outfit that speaks to you. 

We are obsessed with this Hell Rider Succubus Lingerie. Combine it with our Devil Horn Headband, some Nya Net Thigh Highs, and Succubus Love Temporary Tattoos for good measure. This cosplay look is sure to bring LA’s sweltering summer temps up a few degrees.

If you’re anything like us, you may just want an excuse to wear this kawaii Danger Gamer Bunny Headband. But what would bring this look to life? Why, our Swimsuit Danger Gamer Bunny Bikini, of course. You can even level up our Tactical Maid look with those darling bunny ears. So cute!

Other Anime Conventions in North America

Can’t make Anime Expo this year? While there is always next year, there are also always hundreds of additional anime conventions that take place all over the US and online. If you can’t make the trip to L.A., you can view an online version of the expo known as Anime Expo Lite or attend a similar Anime Expo event at the Ontario Convention Center.

Some other beloved anime conventions include Anime Central in Chicago, the Crunchyroll Expo in San Jose, and Anime NYC. If you are still looking for anime events to attend, social media can be a useful tool when on the hunt for an anime convention to show off your Devil Cheerleader cosplay.


If you’re an anime, video game, or Japanese culture fan, Anime Expo has something for you. Grab your circle lenses and your Vinyl Cyber Bunny Stockings and we will see you at the biggest anime con in the United States!



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