The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Basque Lingerie

This romantic choice of lingerie originates from a style of breathtaking dress shapes in which the bodice continues past the waist to cover the hips. The word itself comes from the French, and at first, it referred to a type of jacket and then later, to a specific corset style. Today, it’s taken on a much sexier (and more fun!) meaning. 

A basque is a gorgeous, form-fitting style that’s made to show off your sexy shape, no matter your size. 

The Low Down on the Basque Style

Typically seen as a type of corset, despite its slight differences, a basque has a stunning structure. They can be trimmed with lace, satin bows, or anything else you can dream up for a cute touch. 

Since these pieces usually have a boning structure for support, they’re perfect for hugging your body and showing off your figure. Originally, basque lingerie was made with a V-shape waist for a slimming appearance and included garter straps to add a bit of spice. Today, basques continue to accentuate your shape and perk up the girls to make you feel like the show-stopping goddesses we know you are. 

Despite their body-hugging qualities, basques are still a comfortable option if you’re looking to switch things up from the more strappy pieces. Basques come in many different styles and fabrics, including silky satin and soft-to-the-touch lace. This style is perfect if you want a hot little number that feels extra special. 

Basque Lingerie in Today’s World

We just want to say that basque lingerie is totally in and can fit in with any aesthetic, from modern and sexy to cute and frilly. Basque lingerie is a jaw-droppingly unique option—and it’s not just for the bedroom. 

Today, you’ll find basque lingerie in everyday wardrobes—and even hitting the runways in 2020. Celebrities have been rocking basque-style corsets with denim and patterned work pants. Now that’s a far cry from the Victorian era! 

You’ll see this piece styled in and out of the house as a statement piece because it can be as flashy or discrete as you’d like. You can take basque lingerie from day to night: literally. 

With their deep-cut necklines, sexy straps, and form-fitting waistlines, we think basques are here to stay in fashion, as well as in our closets. Interested in some easy styling tips? Here are a few simple ways to wear basque lingerie in public.

  • Wear it tucked into a light wash denim for a simple look.
  • Wear it monochromatically with color-coordinating pants and a jacket.
  • Embrace your cottagecore dream and wear a floral basque over top of a flowy dress.
  • Wear a black basque over an oversized button-up shirt and pair it with a form-fitting mini skirt.
  • Go more casual and pair it with wide-leg jeans and a cardigan.
  • Opt for sophistication and wear it with an all-black outfit.

Wondering How To Choose the Right Style for You?

Now that you know all about the style of a basque, how do you know which one to choose? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. 

Here’s a list that includes some exquisite styling options that will stop you and your partner in your tracks. Take these examples as a style guide to amp up your lingerie collection. See which choice sparks the most excitement for you, and don’t be afraid to get creative.

Solid Silk

Choose a basque that stands out with one sleek material. It’s made of the most touchable fabric and will allow you to be the center of attention. A basque with a solid fabric is eye-catching but keeps the focus on you and your body. 

Pick out a pastel basque in satin for a kawaii look, or choose a bolder color for those fearless moods.

Laced With Detail

Take a more delicate route by choosing a basque that includes all the romantic lace, frills, and ribbon you can imagine. This style is super sexy and leaves out no detail in the design. 

A basque with lace will look sweet and adorable in a soft pastel color—but you can also have your partner seeing stars in a daring all-black design. Either way, a lacey basque is always a classic choice that will leave anyone with heart eyes.

Strappy and Sensual

Make a brave decision and go for a hotter than hot strappy basque. 

Wearing a basque with endless straps is the perfect way to make a statement. Look for a design that incorporates mesh around the waist and straps around the hips and thighs. You can also attach some aesthetically pleasing thigh-high socks or garters to the garter straps for a look that will be drop-dead fierce.

A Wearable Version

If you pick out a basque that’s more suitable for daytime, you can wear it as a bodysuit underneath your favorite jeans, skirts, or leather pants. 

Pick out a basque that has a more subtle design or solid color, and it will pair well with virtually anything in your drawers. Wearing a basque with a pair of joggers and a trendy jacket will put your figure in the foreground and keep you looking and feeling your best. 

We think this look would also be perfect underneath a loose, off-the-shoulder sweater to tantalize the imagination just a bit.

Fit and Shape

Now that we’ve got you thinking about grabbing your newest piece of lingerie, let’s talk more about achieving the perfect fit and shape for your body. It’s important to know your measurements in order to find a basque that makes you feel like the killer queen we know you are. 

The idea with all lingerie, including basque, is to flatter your unique shape and help create the perfect proportions. If you’re more broad-shouldered, this look will make your hips appear larger and in ratio to your shoulders, and so on. 

Here at Moeflavor, we think a basque is the perfect undergarment to achieve a balanced look for all bodies. With this piece, your waist will be pulled in, and your assets will be front and center. Let this style give your body even more flair than it already has! 

Your Fit

Don’t be intimidated by taking your sizes and measurements. We understand that this part can be daunting, which is why we’ve made a measuring guide that makes the process easy-peasy. 

We’ll show you precisely where to measure for your bust, underbust, waist, high hip, and hip sizes. Once you’ve found your measurements, you’ll be able to pick out all the irresistible lingerie your heart (and eyes) desire.

Because a basque has a more full-coverage design fabric-wise, it will be extra important to take down all of these measurements. Take this time to get in touch with your body and get comfortable with your stunning shape. Once you nail down your sizes, the rest will be a total breeze. 

A Flattering Figure

No matter your body type or size, we’re here to empower you to make you feel sexy and dreamy at the same time. Here at Moeflavor, we proudly offer sizes XS - 4XL! We’re sure you’re going to find the pieces you’ve dreamt of putting on. We love basque-style lingerie because it flatters all bodies—and we mean it. 

Basques are great at accentuating the curves you want them to, as they hug the waistline and support the bust, creating an hourglass shape. You’ll have the best of both worlds in this look! 

This pattern also flatters slimmer bodies by highlighting all the right places and giving attention to the chest and hip areas. Body types that have fewer curves naturally will appreciate the definition that a basque provides. 

To Sum It Up

Basically, we’re in love with basque lingerie as a sensual undergarment and a wearable fashion statement. Basque-style lingerie offers so much more than just an outfit to add to your closet. 

Lingerie has been used as a special pick-me-up dating back to the late 19th century, and we still love it today. After all, you don’t need an excuse to treat yourself.

So, what do you think? Have we convinced you that basque lingerie is your new favorite? We know you’re going to dominate this look and have yourself stunned by how amazing you appear. 


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