The Definitive Buyer’s Guide to Bustiers

Bustiers, not to be confused with corsets, are a sexy option of lingerie that you can wear both in the bedroom and in public. We love them for their versatility as well as the way they flatter all bodies! In this guide, we’ll let you know what the difference between a bustier and a corset is, where bustiers come from, and how you can style these gorgeous pieces in and out of the bedroom.

We’ve been smitten with bustiers forever and love that they’re getting their time to shine on the streets and in the privacy of our bedrooms. If you’ve been wondering how you can incorporate your favorite bustiers into your everyday looks, don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Read this post for all the info you need to stop for and wear your bustier.

First up, we’re going to dive into the differences between a corset and a bustier. 

The Differences Between Corsets and Bustiers

It can be a little confusing when you’re trying to tell the difference between these specific pieces of lingerie. While they look a lot alike, some key differences make us love bustiers that much more—or at least, those differences convince us that they both deserve a spot in our wardrobes. If you’re curious what these differences are, scroll on a little more.

Let’s start by saying that we love both of these looks. Corsets were made for distinct purposes in the Victorian Era. Corsets were made to be worn underneath clothing to create smooth lines and defined curves. A corset was sure to cinch in the waist and didn’t have anything to do with the bust.

Similar to a corset, bustiers defined the body’s curves as well. However, this style made sure to give structure to the waist and the bust. Bustiers push the breasts up and together to create a flattering look. As you can tell, a bustier was worn with more style in mind than a corset. We’re glad these are in style now so we can wear them as sexy numbers in the bedroom and as fashionable statements when we go out.

Where Did Bustiers Come From?

Because the two have so many similarities, it’s no surprise that bustiers were designed around the same time as corsets in Europe. Although women didn’t always wear them to be sexy and trendy, bustiers were worn dating back to the 1500s.

Creating an attractive, feminine figure has always been kept in mind, but it wasn’t until the 1800s when corsets turned into bustiers to create a softer shape and the appearance of a fuller chest. Women wore bustiers to accentuate a curvy figure by pulling in the waist, hugging the hips, and pushing up the bust.

Wearing Bustiers in the Bedroom

It’s a no-brainer that this is the most fun place to wear a bustier. You might be saying “duh,” but there are so many styles and shapes to consider when choosing a bustier for sexy time. We’re going to walk through just some of these styles coming up.

When you’re picking out a bustier to wear as lingerie, you’ll want to make sure you’ve taken down your measurements so that you get one that fits you perfectly and flatters your every curve. 

If this feels a little bit overwhelming, we’ll stop you right here. Read on to get a couple of amazing ideas for picking out a bustier for the bedroom.

Daring and Sensual

If your style is on the darker, edgier side, there are plenty of bustiers in this particular style. Look for mesh, straps, and styles that are mysteriously sheer. While you don’t have to choose a style in black, we think this adds to the sensuality of the whole look.

Sweet and Spicy

Yes, it’s totally possible to look sweet and spicy when wearing a bustier. The color options are seemingly endless, but this look usually includes dainty bows paired with the sexiest lace details. We love this look because it is inviting and shows off your girly side.

Styling Bustiers Out of the Bedroom

Wearing bustiers out of the bedroom is a great way to be a little bit riskier in your fashion choices. Everyone’s eyes will be on you in the best way possible, and you might even convince more people to step out of their fashion comfort zones too! 

Take a look at these fun ways to wear a bustier in public:

  • Add jewelry: How fun is this? Put on a bustier top that makes you feel confident and ready to go, and don’t forget the accessories. Adding jewelry like body chains, chokers, or your current favorite rings will spice up your look and polish off the whole outfit.
  • Layer things up: A layered look is always in style. We love the look of wearing a bustier underneath a sheer top for a little extra seduction or pairing a bustier on top of a cute tee or long-sleeved top.
  • Keep things casual: It’s totally possible to make a bustier daytime appropriate. Just throw on a pair of straight-leg denim, some trendy white sneakers, and you’ll be casual and good to go.
  • Day to night: If you work in an office environment, an easy way to wear a bustier underneath a cute oversized blazer for just the right amount of sexiness. You can keep the blazer on or take it off for your night on the town after office hours.

See, wearing a bustier in public doesn’t need to be intimidating at all. Let your favorite lingerie be seen with these hot looks and be the next trendsetter.

Our Take on the Bustier

At Moeflavor, we like to keep things a little more unconventional and unique. Our favorite pieces aren’t what you would normally see when looking for a bustier, but they are designed with bustiers in mind and have many of the qualities that we love in that style. If you want to push yourself to the limit in your intimate selections, we’ve got just the right pieces for you. 

Check out a couple of twists we’ve put on the bustier style.

Milk & Cream Maid Set

This lingerie set we’ve designed has a little bit of everything. The bodice of this set is similar to a bustier in that it is form-fitting and is cut below the bust and above the hips. Paired with the other elements of this set, this design gives your natural curves and shape a chance to shine.

Burgundy Velvet Lace Sweetheart Lingerie Set

Our Burgundy Velvet lingerie set is to die for with its soft material and even softer details. What ties this into bustiers is the bra and top portion of this set. We designed this set to flatter the bust while still showing some skin underneath the bodice. If you’re looking for a super sweet yet arousing lingerie look, this one is definitely for you.

Our lingerie sets are all uniquely designed, and these two are definitely reminiscent of the bustier. Either one will make you feel beautiful and confident while looking sexy and seductive.


By now, you’ve got all the details on bustiers. We hope you feel ready to search for your perfect one now. Now you know all about how they differ from other lingerie styles, where they originated, and how you can style them in and out of the bedroom. There really are no wrong answers to what style you choose and how you wear them, as long as you feel your happiest and most positive about your body.

Bustiers have been worn by people for a long time now, and the changes that have occurred to the designs and shapes are incredible. We’re glad to see so many ways to wear a bustier that isn’t just sexy but is on-trend and chic. Whether you decide to keep your bustier styling more private or wear it proudly while you’re out, we applaud you.

What do you think? Are you ready to give bustiers a shot? Hopefully, we’ve convinced you to switch up your lingerie looks by adding a bustier and all the styling options it comes with. Whatever you decide, it will look stunning.


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