The Definitive Buyer’s Guide to Corsets

What’s a corset, and why should you purchase one? Well, we’re about to answer those questions so you can partake in this sexy yet beneficial style choice, both in the bedroom and in public. Are you intrigued yet?

We hope you are and that you’ll stick around for all the juicy details about this long-time lingerie and clothing design. We’ll tell you all about corsets and their history, the structure of a corset, how you can use them, and outfits you can create with them both as lingerie and public-ready looks.

All we’re saying is, if you don’t already know all there is to know about corsets, you will soon, and you won’t be sorry. Corsets have been around for centuries, and we’re glad they have. Speaking of centuries, let’s take a little look at how and when corsets were created.

The History of Corsets

As we said, corsets have been around for centuries. They’ve been around since the 1500s and 1600s. The image of small waists has long been admired, even that long ago. As you probably know, corsets were worn primarily for that purpose.

However, corsets were also practical undergarments, functioning basically like a bra does today. Not all corsets were strictly for defining small waists. Like garters, they served a functional purpose.

Women began wearing corsets both underneath and over top of their regular clothing. Corsets would cinch in the waist and slim the stomach area.

Aside from the visual aspect of corsets, there were actually some physical benefits to wearing them as well. In the 1700s, people noticed that corsets could improve one’s posture, as they pulled the shoulders back and kept the torso upright.

After the Victorian era, corsets began to fall in popularity. However, they experienced a brief revival in the 1950s with Dior’s New Look. This style of waist cincher was sometimes referred to as a waspie. It’s a retro look today that was extremely popular.

Later on, corsets fell out of regular fashion but can be seen today as shapewear, waist trainers, and even traditionally as corset lingerie. In certain styles, corsetry stayed in fashion — for example, like goth and steampunk. While they’re not regularly worn like they were in earlier centuries, many still adore the style and the structure that they give.

The Structure and Framing of Corsets

Speaking of structure, quite a bit of design and material went into creating corsets. They’re a bit more straightforward in structure these days, but when they were first created, corsets had many elements that made sure they cinched the waist in and could be worn underneath that specific clothing.

We wanted to briefly mention the structure of corsets because we appreciate their history and design and think you will too. Knowing all about what went into the design of this well-known piece will make you appreciate wearing it that much more!


Busks aren’t seen as often on fashion corsets that we wear today, but they were a key element in design on original corsets. Busks are strong front closures that can hold up to 90 pounds of tension as they hold tight to cinch the waist in.


The boning of a corset creates the structure. It’s vital to have strong boning so that your corset will hold up as it’s worn. Boning can be a combination of steel, flat, and spiral, which all mean different things in terms of flexibility. Steel boning is generally the most rigid.


As you’d imagine, the lacing is looped through the holes of the corset to pull it in tight and tie everything up so that it stays put.

Modesty Panel

This panel of fabric is in place so that the skin on your back where the lacing is isn’t showing.


The shell is the layer of fabric on the very outside of the corset for everyone to see. The shell looks attractive and appealing and will make the corset more durable for long-time use. Shells can come in all kinds of fabric: You can find brocade corsets, lace corsets, and so much more.

The Uses of Corsets

You think corsets are only used as sexy lingerie that’s taken off within minutes? Think again.

Corsets have many uses in fashion and in sexy times these days. So, if you’re like we used to be and are wondering why people even wear corsets, you’re in the right spot. There’s so much information out there about corsets and the benefits of wearing them, so we’ll give you the low down.

  • Corsets are sexy: Well, this one sure is obvious! Corsets have been seen as sexy garments forever and a day, so it’s no surprise that they still are. There’s just something sexy and powerful about wearing a garment that hugs your shape and bust. If you want to know what we mean, definitely give one a try.
  • Great for shaping: If your body type is one where your waist isn’t defined, but you’d like it to be, then a corset will be your new best friend. Corsets, particularly shapers, give the perfect hourglass shape without being uncomfortable or as tight as you may think.
  • Back support and better posture: The structure and support of this design is the perfect equation for supporting and holding your posture in a good place. This could help you straighten up and feel less slouchy.
  • Waist training: Have you heard of this? While we aren’t saying this is certain, some people claim to have had luck using steel-boned corsets as waist training corsets to take inches off their waist.

Corsets as Lingerie

Well, of course, we had to mention corsets worn as lingerie. We wouldn’t be talking about them if we weren’t obsessed with the look of corsets both in and out of the bedroom — but especially in. Corsets can make you feel drop-dead gorgeous, which in turn could make you feel even sexier and more confident than you did before.

There are many different styles of corsets in the lingerie world, and we don’t think you can go wrong. You can choose from a sheer, lacy corset or one that looks much more traditional and period-inspired, which is also super attractive. Try pairing it with matching panties for a truly sexy look. You can even find long sleeve corset tops that are deceptively sexy.

Corsets have been used as lingerie for years, and it’s no wonder. Again, the visual of a smaller waist and enhanced bust is appealing and sensual, so it makes sense that this garment would be a hit with everyone who sees them.

Corsets Worn in Public

Think you could be bold enough to wear a corset out in public? With the right outfit, we’re confident you could rock this look. Several wearable looks involve a corset, and you’ll feel like you have a sexy hidden secret as you go about your day.

Today, two corset styles are popular in everyday fashion. Overbust corsets feature cups and can be worn over your chest for more coverage. These tend to have more pushup action and can have straps or be strapless.

Underbust corsets are missing cups, so you’ll have to wear some kind of shirt underneath. These are nearly always strapless. You could also choose a bustier top, a corset-inspired crop top that usually features a bit more coverage.

Looking for outfit ideas that include a corset? We’ve got you covered there, too. Try wearing a floral corset with jeans and a smart blazer for a daytime look, and if you wear it right, even an office look. Choose a longline corset for more coverage.

Go more casual with a lighter pair of denim and a black corset underneath a mesh top. This look would be great with a pair of heeled boots for the nighttime. Heat it up even more by wearing a corset top on its own with a pair of pants or a skirt.

If you’re not looking for a corset top, you can also find corset dresses that incorporate this style into their silhouette.

Any of those looks would be great for transitioning into the bedroom, where you can feel gorgeous and ready for whatever comes your way.

Lingerie At Moeflavor

While we don’t yet have corsets, we offer a wide variety of other lingerie styles that we know will suit your fancy just fine. Odds are, if you love the style and appeal of a corset, you’ll also enjoy sexy bodysuits, bralettes, negligees, and strappy lingerie sets.

You’re in luck because we also offer a great number of lingerie accessories and pieces that can be worn inside and outside. Don’t put your lingerie in a box; think of all the ways you can wear these pieces that we’ve designed with you in mind.

  • Milk and Cream Maid: We adore this lingerie set for its cute yet revealing design. The milk and cream maid set includes a slight nod to the corset style and gives the perfect shape to anyone’s figure.
  • Chaotic Nurse Outfit in Red: In the mood for a spicier night look? We love this set for its shiny latex look that draws in the eye and can make you feel frisky and in charge.
  • Nya Net Thigh Highs: These are perfect for any lingerie or night-out look you choose to wear. Spice any look up with these fishnet thigh high stockings.


We could go on and on talking about corsets and why they’re so amazing, but we think you’ve got the gist. By now, you fully grasp the cool history behind these beautiful garments and how you can wear them to achieve any type of look you’re in the mood for.

Think outside the box when creating your daytime and nighttime looks, and don’t be afraid to add a corset and some stockings.


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