What’s an E-Girl? Defining E-Girl Culture

What’s an e-girl, you ask? If you’re new to the term (and even if you’re not), we’re about to blow your mind with some facts about e-girl life and culture. What is an e-girl? Are there e-boys? What is an e-girl’s style, and what does an e-girl do? Don’t fret; we’re about to dive into it all.

Stick around for some hot details and style tips if you want to know all about e-girl culture. The term has been around for a while now but has recently gained popularity and a larger following thanks to social media.

In this latest article, we’ll take a deep dive into where e-girls came from, how they dress, what they do, and how you can take on the style for yourself. Personally, we’re fans of the style for its e-girl makeup, hair, and cute yet grungey outfits.

Ready to become an expert in all things e-girl culture?

The Trend of E-Girl Culture

As we’ve said, the term e-girl has been a term for years, but its popularity skyrocketed around 2020 when it started being seen all over TikTok. You’ve probably seen them with their colorful hair and eyeliner and overall kawaii aesthetic. It combines certain elements of goth, k-pop, and gamer girl style. You’ll also notice hints of skate culture, hip-hop-inspired pieces, and a touch of inspiration from scene kids. They’re a bit like VSCO girls, although there are

E-girls began ruling the internet and e-girl influencers became more prominent as Gen Z has flooded most social media platforms.

There’s just something about the whole colorful-punk aesthetic that draws you into the culture as a whole. What’s trending in e-girl style at the moment? Think big winged eyeliner, bright pink blush, hearts drawn under the eyes, and colorfully dyed hair. Along with those makeup trends, you’ll see o-ring chokers, mesh shirts, band t-shirts, long sleeve striped shirts, high-waisted pants, and sailor-esque mini skirts.

These are just a few of the qualities and fashion trends of e-girls and e-boys alike. There are many different styles within this colorful subculture, so you can mix and match whatever looks suit your style and personality. Whether you’re into bright or pastel colors or stay on the darker, more neutral side of fashion, you can achieve the e-girl style with some key outfit elements, but we’ll get there soon.

What Is E-Girl Culture Exactly?

There’s a lot going on within e-girl culture. Not only do they dress in specific ways, but their activities and interests play a huge part in the culture as well. In short, e-girl culture consists of those who are fully immersed in creating an online personality for themselves while wearing the cute (and sometimes spicy) clothing items we mentioned above.

It is a bit more in-depth than just that quick definition, however. E-girl culture takes pride in fun fashion and unlocks an artistic and culture-filled side of clothing, makeup, and video making. You can typically find both e-girls and e-boys creating content on TikTok and Instagram.

So, what kinds of content does this culture come up with and why? While this isn’t all they spend time doing, e-girls take part in the same trending dances and meme-filled skits that everyone else does, and they also enjoy live streaming their time playing video games or just living life.

E-girl culture is also inspired by manga, anime, and cosplay. Sound like something you’re interested in? Jump on board, have fun dressing the part, and join in the fun!

What’s an E-Boy?

What’s an e-boy, and is that a thing? Of course! E-boys exist just as much as e-girls and have pretty similar qualities. E-boys are described a little bit like punk and emo, in the sense that they can typically be seen rocking dark clothes, chains, and punk-looking hair.

Like e-girls, e-boys are interested in all things internet and love to create online content from the comfort of their home and bedroom. Those who consider themselves an e-boy aren’t afraid to wear makeup just as the e-girls are.

Self-expression is real when it comes to this subculture, and there’s no lack of style and fun when it comes to style choices and hairstyles.

All About E-Girl Fashion

We love talking about all things fashion, and we especially love e-girl fashion. Full of color, experimenting, new hairstyles and colors, and the inclusion of kawaii styles and makeup looks, e-girl fashion is both what you’d expect and more. You’ll find lots of piercings and potentially even some cute tattoos.

Want to know how to dress like an e-girl? We’ve got all you need to know and more about what key pieces you need to achieve some really cute looks. Read on.

As an e-girl, you’ve most likely got a full closet and a full makeup bag because your look changes all the time. Even though the overall style stays the same, you can always experiment when it comes to changing up the look.

Some elements aren’t to be missed when looking for new outfit elements, such as:

  • Plaid mini skirts
  • Fishnet stockings
  • Striped long sleeves
  • Graphic band t-shirts
  • Tiny makeup stamps
  • Black eyeliner
  • Rosy blush
  • Hair ties for buns and pigtails

Now that that’s covered, we’ve got even more tea to spill about how to act and what to do to become part of the e-girl culture fully.

How To Be an E-Girl

We’ve got the basics out of the way, so now let’s chat about what it takes to become an e-girl. Check out this short list of items you can implement into your lifestyle to become the ultimate e-girl version of yourself.

Get the E-Girl Look

The list of accessories goes on and on, so we’ve compiled our favorites for you to grab in order to complete your e-girl look.

  • Platform sneakers
  • Crop tops
  • Oversized sweatshirts
  • Colorful pants
  • Butterfly hair clips
  • Cute beanies
  • Choker necklaces
  • Chained belts

Play the Games

E-girls are into all kinds of online activities, including video games. There are some hot games that everyone’s playing at the moment, so we’ll do the hard work for you and fill you in. Check out these popular choices.

  • League of Legends
  • Minecraft
  • Fortnite
  • Overwatch
  • World of Warcraft
  • Heroes of The Storm

Get on Social

If you don’t yet have social media, it’s a good outlet to have if you’re an e-girl. Social media is the way to get your persona out there and communicate with others who have the same interests.

If you’re down with it, go ahead and create a TikTok video. After all, it’s always fun to get all dressed up in your favorite outfit and makeup and share it with your friends — that’s pretty much how the birth of the TikTok e-girl happened in the first place.

E-girls are often found sharing the live streams of their online gaming sessions on Twitch, hanging out on Discord, and re-creating whatever dances and lip-syncing skits are trending on TikTok.

Complete Your E-Girl Look

You’re in luck if you’ve been reading this and wondering where you can grab some clothing pieces that will go great with your new style. We’ve got several pieces in mind that you can find at our shop. These pieces are original designs that will give you the perfect amount of sexiness and cuteness.

Remember that these pieces are meant for both the bedroom and the outside world, so shop accordingly and have fun!

Want to know what these pieces are? Keep on scrolling.

Love Dessert Cow Maid

This option is a lingerie set, but it’s perfect for the e-girl aesthetic. The set comes in a cute white and baby pink color and is complete with ruffles and bows. We love this set's innocent quality, while it’s still tapping into a naughty side. Wear this in the comfort of your bedroom, or get a little spicy if that’s what you’re into.

Luna Thigh High Stockings

On the more wearable side, we’ve added these amazing stockings to the must-have list. Stockings are so versatile and can be added to almost every look you create. Ours come in black, pink, or white, so you can choose one or all to go with your e-girl outfits.

Heart Rhinestone Garters

Last, we’ve listed a combination of cute and sexy with our beloved heart rhinestone garters. You can wear these in so many ways. Put them on by themselves, with your favorite lingerie look, or over a cute skirt or pair of pants. Whichever way you wear them, you’ll be show-stopping and the cutest e-girl.


So, do you feel like you’re an expert when it comes to e-girl culture now? We hope so. This culture is one of a kind, and we’re pretty obsessed with everything that goes along with it. What’s better than looking cute and sharing the lifestyle with people who feel the same way?

Don’t be shy; grab the pieces you need to get your e-girl style going and hop online to show it off. We’ll be waiting!


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