The Ultimate Guide to E-Girl Lingerie

If you're reading this, you’re probably just as into the e-girl style as we are. Although some people put a negative spin on the term, we think e-girl style deserves to be appreciated around here. Let’s talk all about e-girl style and how it applies both in and out of the bedroom. 

What Is E-Girl Style All About?

In case you don’t already know (which we’re sure you do), e-girl style is a popular aesthetic among people on the internet, especially on TikTok and Instagram. There are several popular cosplayers and Twitch stars who we all know and love, like QTCinderalla and Pokimane, who encompass the whole of this style.

E-girl style isn’t typically seen in daily life. Kept mostly to the bedroom and online content, this aesthetic is young and cute with elements of anime fetish and kink. This particular style usually includes colorfully dyed hair and flushed cheeks, paired with edgy mesh tops and O-rings. 

If you really want the scoop on all the latest e-girl fashion trends, scandalous or not, here are some big hits right now:

  • Black and white striped long-sleeved shirts

  • Oversized band tees

  • Perfect winged eyeliner

  • Plaid skirts with an oversized tee and chunky sneakers

  • Oversized sweatshirts with baggy denim

  • Brightly colored baggy pants

  • Crop tops

  • Platform sneakers

  • Colorful hair clips

  • Choker necklaces

  • Colorful beanies

  • Chain belts

We appreciate e-girl style for its mix of girly and punk vibes and love to sport its critical winged eyeliner and chains. At Moeflavor, we get inspiration from e-girl style and incorporate it into many of our lingerie designs. Read on to check out which pieces of ours are e-girl inspired!

Moeflavor E-Girl Styles and How To Wear Them

As we said, the growing love of e-girl style inspires us, and we’ve taken that inspiration and put it to good use. Our lingerie designs are original, and we’re proud to say that if you’re a fan of the pink-cheeked, spunky electronic style like we are, you’re going to love these pieces.

Even though there are many different ways you can dress clad in e-girl style, we like to take things seriously and sensually. 

Sheer Succubus Micro Underwear Version

Our Sheer Succubus Micro Underwear Version is a crowd-pleaser. This particular style includes elements that an e-girl can’t live without. 

With its mesh bodice, o-ring in the shape of a heart, and punk-style buckles, this bodysuit will leave you feeling like the hot e-girl you are.

Sweet Talk Heart Ruffle Lingerie

On a cuter, more blushing note, we’ve created this Sweet Talk Heart Ruffle lingerie set. We classify this set as inspired by e-girl style because of its cutesy “I’m baby” feel. There’s nothing hotter than mixing cute and colorful with sexy and scandalous. Put on this piece to feel desirable and perky.

Hell Rider Succubus Lingerie

Our Hell Rider set may be the most e-girl style of all. This set is lacking in coverage, but we like it that way. With this lingerie, you’re going to be comfortable as you sport this BDSM meets anime look. Trust us, the name Hell Rider is going to make sense once you put this on.

Saint/Sinner Sheer Nun Set

Complete with its headwear, collar, bra, sleeves, skirt, and underwear, this set may seem like a more unusual choice when talking about e-girl style. We’ve got to say, though, it makes more sense than you’d first think! 

E-girl can be goth and dark, and we think this lingerie set fits that description. This is a unique and super hot lingerie set to add to your closet like… now. Get ready to do in the viewers of you in this Sheer Nun Set.

Shows and Movies We’re Inspired By

Enough about us! We want to talk more about who and what from e-girl culture has inspired us lately. Seen mostly in Tumblr, video game, and film culture, e-girl style has an array of real-life characters who we appreciate. We won’t be surprised if you’re on the same page as us with every one of these choices.

Keep scrolling to find out exactly where our inspiration comes from:

  • Ramona Flowers: With her many-colored hair, chunky belts, and brightly colored fishnets, Ramona embodies some of the things we love most about the e-girl style. 

  • Harley Quinn: It’s no shock this one is on our inspo list. Harley Quinn is one of the most chosen characters when choosing who to dress up as for the next cosplay event. She mixes a grungy, punk style with colorful pigtails.

Basically, skate, hip-hop, anime, cosplay, BDSM, and sometimes even goth cultures are full of incredible inspiration when it comes to e-girl as a style. We have no shame in admiring these characters and their unique outfit and makeup choices. Speaking of admiration, we want to talk about who we take inspo from in real life when it comes to dressing like an e-girl.

E-Girl Style in Pop Culture – The Who and Where

Today, you can find an endless amount of people who are all over this Internet Subculture. These people are creating content on TikTok, Instagram, or Tumblr and are also found streaming on Twitch. While it’s not as common to see people wearing this style full-on on the streets, we see it heavily among these online platforms. 

Our favorite people to follow share the same love for this style full of the cutest makeup, colorful yet punk accessories, and mesh material under band tees. We’re big fans of these creators and their style. Here are a few of our favorites.

Belle Delphine

Belle Delphine is an obvious choice. She’s cute, colorful, and classic. There are many ways to define e-girl style, as we’ve mentioned, but Belle takes on the softer, more cute side of things. At the same time, she remains sexy.

We get inspired by her candy-colored wigs, dramatic but sweet makeup looks, and cosplay-inspired outfits. 


More seen on Twitch than anywhere else, Amouranth is a cute cosplayer who we think should be included on this list. We love her cute style on and off the screen. You can find her (if you haven’t already) streaming creatively on Twitch or podcasting with SweetAnita, Maya, and Stellachuu.

Amouranth creates her own costumes, and (for obvious reasons) we think that’s amazing. Her style is encouraged by the artistic world of dressing up and playing the roles of her favorite characters. We can totally relate.

Jessica Nigri

Another queen of cosplay, Jessica Nigri is on our favorites list due to her internet presence and sexy style. She isn’t afraid to dress as a sexy version of some of our favorite childhood characters, and for that, we applaud her.

Another creative spirit, Jessica Nigri gets points from us for her amazing cosplay and anime-inspired costumes. We love seeing someone so invested in these styles and expressions.

We’ll End With This

By now, you’ve realized that we’re pretty much obsessed with e-girl style and culture. To us, there’s never too much eyeliner, colorfully dyed hair, cute accessories, and sexy tones. This is an e-girl world, and we’re just living in it. 

What about you? Are you as into the e-girl style as we are? Let’s be honest; you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t! Go ahead, grab one of our sexy, e-girl inspired lingerie looks and bring on the dark bedroom aesthetic.


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