Japanese Fashion Trends (2022)


Fashion trends are coming and going so quickly, it’s so exciting to see what the latest shifts are. This is especially the case when it comes to those in different places that are known for making a noteworthy influence in the world of fashion.

There are cities all over the world that have a hand in creating head-turning looks that will start to trickle down into the wardrobes of anyone with an eye for fashion trends. Some of those include Paris, London, New York City, Los Angeles, and Milan, just to name a few. But there’s one city, in particular, we can’t forget about: that’s Tokyo, of course.

Tokyo has historically set the scene for fashion in Japan. It’s known for its bright and quirky fashion style that started to draw the world’s attention around the turn of the century. Styles like Harajuku and kawaii especially have made an impression.

While there are remnants of those trends, so much about the fashion scene in Japan has changed since then. Like so many others, you must be dying to know what’s going on fashion-wise in 2022. Well, there’s no need to look further. Keep reading for the latest and greatest from Japan.

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle 

This is a trend we’ve been seeing in cities everywhere, and Japan is a major hub for it. Vintage clothing is making a huge scene in Tokyo fashion for lots of reasons. One is that fashion lovers are looking for something unique that you won’t be able to find in just any Tokyo street shop. 

Of course, second-hand clothing shops are the perfect solution. As a result, they have been seeing a large pop of business over the past several years. Shoppers can mix and match pieces from different time periods or even go all in with a specific style or era. Depending on the shop, customers can leave with heaping piles of everything from hoodies to cardigans and blouses from major fashion designers, only having paid a fraction of what they would have for a few pieces of new clothing.

There’s also the environmental factor to take into consideration. Many people are opposed to the idea of fast fashion for ethical and environmental reasons due to the negative impact factories can have on climate change. Those passionate about contributing to change are using second-hand clothes to ease the demand for fast fashion (and putting them in a cute sustainable tote when they’re on the go).

A look to be noted within the vintage clothing trend is the reappearance of older Western clothing styles. Just like how in American fashion you can see nods to Japanese motifs, the reverse happens, too. Some of those looks you’ll find on the streets of Japan are the bright colors and patterns of the ‘80s, along with the iconic undercover simplicity of the ‘90s.

Make It Baggy

One trend we’ve been loving is oversized clothing. As much as we love a skin-tight dress or a pair of jeans that show off your figure, oversized clothing is having a moment. 

Many people in Japan tend to have a slim silhouette that especially complements this loose-fitting look. You can find people pairing oversized and tight-fitting clothes together, too, whether it's a tight tee with baggy bottoms or an oversized t-shirt with biker shorts underneath. Though, we will say that we’re all for going big on this one and wearing oversized clothes from head to toe.

One factor we especially love about this trend is that it’s not bound by age like some trends can be. Everyone from twenty-somethings to middle-aged adults is sporting baggy clothes around Japan. Part of the reason for this is likely the factor of modesty, which has remained an important aspect of their culture and fashion.

As far back as we can see in Japanese history, we can find modest fashion. The kimono that everyone wore were made specifically to avoid revealing much of anything of their bodies. Its length was long enough to touch the floor with sleeves that reached close to the wrist, if not reaching it completely.

This is an important context to take into consideration when looking into Japanese street fashion. That said, we’re totally loving this sleek, modest look.

It’s The Year of the Tiger

Everyone loves a little bit of animal print here and there in their wardrobe. Animal print done the right way is the perfect way to add some spice to a neutral outfit. It’s also a way that some mature women can classily make their wardrobe bolder.

There’s an entire demographic for these women. They’re called the Osaka Obachan. These women are known for being loud, fun-spirited, and friendly. And, of course, their wardrobe is full of animal prints from outerwear like coats and hats to baggy, loose socks. You could say it’s an endearing aspect of Japanese culture.

Still, we would be wrong to assume that animal print is reserved for an older crowd. In fact, with 2022 being the year of the tiger, it’s been the perfect occasion for tiger print clothing and accessories to make an appearance for the fashionable in Japan.

Tons of Japanese clothing lines have been taking part in the celebration and releasing tiger-print apparel and headwear. And you can be as bold or as minimalist as you want. A bolder, high-end look might be a silk tiger-print top paired with a red lip. On the other hand, you can go for that avant-garde pop of fierceness with some tiger-print heels and a matching blazer.

Accessories Always

We would be completely remiss not to talk about accessories. We all know that accessories are essential in completing an outfit. You could have the simplest outfit, but paired with the right purse, earrings, or scarf and your outfit will become a game changer.

Micro Mini Bags

One accessory we have been seeing in Japanese streetwear is the micro mini handbag. It may not be the best option as far as functionality goes due to its tiny size, but micro mini bags can be so cute that it’s worth all of the inconvenience. Plus, we could probably all stand to be more minimalist in our lifestyles, and what’s more minimalist than carrying nothing but your essentials?

These micro mini bags come in all sorts of street styles, colors, and designs from different fashion brands with international and Japanese designers. We’ve seen everything from bags in pastel color schemes to lolita-themed ones shaped as a stuffed animal or cloud. This is such a cute trend, you definitely won’t want to miss out on this one.

Layered Necklaces

Next, we need to talk about necklaces. Coming into popularity in Japan are layered necklaces. We love simple accessories, but there’s something about a layered necklace that adds a subtle intricacy to an outfit that is to die for. 

We mostly see people layering two or three different necklaces, mixing and matching more understated necklaces with more intricate ones. An important thing to note is that trending fashionistas are pairing together necklaces of different lengths so that they produce a layered effect going down the torso.


The last accessory we’ll talk about is print masks. Although people all over the world began regularly wearing masks in 2020, masks have been a normal part of the everyday life of the people of Japan. Anytime someone was sick but had to be out in public, they’d wear their mask to work, dinner, or wherever they were going.

However, it was in 2020 that more fashionable options for masks became more popular, and they’ve been on the rise since. In fact, it’s become such a part of the culture that tourists will be able to find stylish masks all over tourist spots for visitors to bring back home as a souvenir.


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