Kawaii Gaming Setup: Ideas for your Streaming Background

Despite the stereotype that gaming is for men, women have been breaking into the gaming scene — and pretty successfully, if we do say so ourselves. 

Not only have girls started gaining attention as gamers, but they’re playing a huge role in shaping the gaming industry and culture. Just look at streamers like Pokimane and Amouranth on Twitch who have tens of millions of streams every year.

One way that gamer girls are influencing the gaming culture is through the emergence of kawaii aesthetics into streamers’ gaming setups. This style has been taking the streaming world by storm, and we are its biggest fans. 

Today, we’re going to be talking about how you can start to create your own kawaii gaming setup. More specifically, we’ll be giving you some ideas for creating the perfect kawaii streaming background.

Whether you’re a beginner streamer or you’re in the midst of building your audience, perfecting your streaming background may just be what you need to help in the process. Keep reading to see how you can create your own kawaii streaming background!

Why Is a Gaming Setup Important?

Despite what some may think, a gaming setup is about so much more than just a pleasing aesthetic. It turns out that a visually pleasant gaming setup can benefit you both mentally and physically.

One crucial mental factor in your gaming setup is your level of comfort. If you don’t see the connection yet, don’t worry — we’ll explain. 

The higher your comfort level is, the higher your concentration will be, and the better you’ll be able to perform. Most games you’ll find yourself and others streaming takes a high level of attention and a low reaction time. 

So, being in a space you love and that you find relaxing can help your gaming!

As far as the physical benefits of your gaming setup, this has plenty to do with comfort, too. When you’re sitting down for long periods of time, you’re bound to experience some discomfort in your neck, back, and hips. That’s just the start of problems that can affect other parts of your body. 

You don’t want aches to distract you while you’re gaming, so we highly suggest making sure you have the right chair, desk, and any other support you might need to make you comfortable.

Don’t forget that your gaming setup — and your background in particular — is important for growing your audience. Your background is going to tell anyone watching your streams more about you as a person and gamer. 

When you adapt your streaming background to match your interests and personality, you’ll be more effective when it comes to drawing in the right audience and setting yourself apart from other streamers.

What Does a Kawaii-Inspired Gaming Setup Look Like?

If you think you resonate with the kawaii style, then you’re in the right place. Still, what is kawaii? 

Kawaii comes from Japanese culture and represents their love of cuteness. Kawaii embodies all things adorable. This means incorporating stylistic elements like animals, cute cartoons, anime, pinks, purples, and pastels that cute girls typically enjoy.

Before you can create your kawaii streaming background, we’ll talk about what a kawaii-inspired gaming setup generally looks like. In keeping with what kawaii is, this gaming setup will ultimately embody cuteness. Kawaii gamer girls are popular for having pink or pastel PCs, keyboards, mouses, controllers, chairs, and more. 

Aside from a cute color scheme, they usually have stuffed animals and decorations from their favorite anime (figurines, stuffed toys, and posters, just to name a few). Some gamer girls add plants to the mix and some fun lighting with RGB lights.

Although the kawaii gaming setup style is growing in popularity as streamers reach audiences on more and more platforms other than just Twitch, you can personalize it as much as you want. That’ll be important when you’re finding your audience and growing your platform. People will want to know what makes you different.

What Are Different Kawaii Styles?

Let’s start to explore some different kawaii styles more in-depth so that you can start to get an idea of what you do and don’t like. Keep in mind that these are just a few examples. When you’re creating your own streaming background, you’ll have all the freedom in the world to put together what kawaii means for you.

Favorite Character

Choose your favorite character and make it all about them! Whether you love Kirby, Pikachu, or any other beloved character, there are so many different ways to use them in creating your kawaii streaming background. What are some of those ways? We’re glad you asked!

The simplest way to build your streaming background around your favorite character is by including different figurines. Just put up some shelves on the wall behind you and line them up in a way that’ll be easy for your audience to see. 

Of course, you can get more creative by adding stuffed versions of them, wall stickers, and lighting that matches the colors worn by your character.


Just because it’s kawaii doesn’t mean it has to be overwhelming. If you like simpler designs and decor, you can aim to have a more minimalist background. You can try hanging one big wall decor behind you that’ll work as your statement piece. 

Maybe instead of one big wall decor, you can add smaller decor like shimmering string lights behind you. Even wall stickers of stars or whatever cute symbols and designs you like will work perfectly. Again, RGB lights will leave the perfect finishing touch for whatever decor you choose to use.


If you want a more generic theme for your streaming background, you can choose a pastel color and base all your decor around it. 

With this, you have some more liberty to include more things like florals, different kinds of lighting, and posters — as long as they include your color choice! You don’t have to stick to just one color, either. A combination of colors would be just as cute, like pink and green or purple and yellow. 

Bonus points if your gaming chair has those colors, too!

Stuffed Animals

Here’s a simple one: stuffed animals! Stuffed characters and animals are so kawaii. You can choose a specific animal — like a bunny — and use that as a theme.

Some gamers set up wall shelves, stacked cube shelves, and ladder shelves that are filled with their stuffed animals and characters.

Figure out what you love and what embodies your personality most, and use that as your theme!

Other Important Factors

Hopefully, some of those examples helped spark some ideas for your streaming background. But before you go, there are other important factors that you have to keep in mind. 


Whether you have a minimalist setup or you have fifty stuffed animals filling your background, it has to be organized and clean. The last thing you want is for someone to be distracted throughout your stream because you have a mess behind you. You almost want your audience to feel at home when they’re watching you game.

Kawaii Culture

One other factor you’ll want to keep in mind is your wonderful self! Kawaii is more than having a cute background. Kawaii culture extends into hairstyles, makeup, clothes, mannerisms, and even the way you talk. 

While you shouldn’t change who you are ( your audience wants authenticity, after all), it can be fun to remember that kawaii is an entire culture you can explore.

Growing Your Audience

As we said earlier, your streaming background is going to be one of many important aspects in growing your platform on Twitch or any other streaming site. Other things that are important not to forget are using quality equipment (like a camera, mic, and PC), creating interesting and engaging content, and more.

Even being intentional in speaking consistently throughout your stream. While it might be awkward when you feel like you’re talking to yourself, there are some ways to practice on your own

The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll feel. That’ll only help you in the long run when you’re streaming!

Incorporate What’s Unique About You

We know we’ve said it before, but just be yourself! Every streamer has their own personality and interests. Aside from their gaming skills, their wonderful, unique personality is what’s attracting viewers and getting them to subscribe to their channels. 

Get comfortable enough to show what’s unique about you and your personality, then incorporate that into your setup. Then, you’ll have a streaming background that you’ll love and will attract the right audience!


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