Kawaii Room Ideas: Tips on Decorating Your Room

So, you’ve read all about kawaii fashion, and now your wardrobe is full of all the cutest kawaii outfits. It’s time to give your room some kawaii updates to match your darling attire. 

There are so many fun ways to add a little kawaii sparkle to your room that you may not know where to start. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered!

Are your eyes scanning your room, ready to get started? Let’s dive into this adorable aesthetic with room decor in mind.

What Makes Something Kawaii?

The word kawaii is used to describe things that are cute, pretty, and full of whimsy. Putting an adorable spin on something can take most objects from drab to kawaii — it’s all about styling. 

Giving your bedroom a kawaii makeover is easy when you add cute elements. Plus, incorporating patterns like hearts, bows, clouds, and cupcakes can make your room super kawaii! 

When in doubt, if something gives you cuddly, adorable, and quirky-cute vibes, chances are it will fit right in with your room’s new kawaii aesthetic.

What Is a Kawaii Color Palette?

Pastel colors are synonymous with the kawaii aesthetic. There’s something so whimsical about light blues, pinks, and purples. 

Light colors usually reflect more, well, light, meaning that the pastel tones of your new kawaii room will give it a bright feeling. Studies show that our moods can improve when we are in a place that provides more light, yet another reason to embrace kawaii style in all parts of your life.

If you’re able to paint the walls of your room, this is a perfect place to start. Incorporating pastel hues can be super simple with just a few coats of paint! The lighter the tone, the easier it will be to make your room accessories match your walls. 

Try a cream-colored paint that feels just a bit warmer than white or light pink with a hint of blush. Having kawaii-colored walls creates a wonderful canvas for all of your other cutesy additions

If painting the walls of your room is a no-go, fear not! There are still plenty of ways to include the kawaii color palette on your walls. You can hang posters of some of your favorite anime or Sanrio characters, or you can even use a large tapestry of a pastel blue sky with fluffy clouds to add a statement wall!

Easy Ways to Give a Kawaii Upgrade to Your Room

Little Details

Now that your blank canvas walls are feeling a bit more adorable, let’s take a look at some details to really give your room a dreamy, cutesy atmosphere.

The perfect duvet or bedspread can elevate your room from “ho-hum” to “squeeeee!” Stick with pastels and adorable patterns. 

Desserts are a popular theme in kawaii style. There are some iconic sweets and patterns that you can incorporate into most room decor! Strawberries, cupcakes, ice cream, and macarons are all super cute and super easy to include in your room redecoration mission. When searching for room accessories, keep those motifs in mind.

If you want to make your bed feel like a kawaii cloud of sweetness, plushies can be a great addition — the fluffier and cuddlier, the better! Remember that if something is undeniably cute, chances are wonderful that it fits the kawaii aesthetic. 

You can use large stuffed animals in place of some of the pillows on your bed. And plushies can make their homes elsewhere in your room, too! Set smaller plushies on your desk or chair for little loveable accents.

Fuzzy rugs are a cute n’ cozy way to tie a kawaii room together. Rugs offer comfort and can warm up a space. Stick with a rug in the pastel color palette, or maybe one with a fun pattern like we mentioned above! Faux fur rugs are oh-so kawaii, as well.

Brighten Up Your Walls

If you’re someone who collects figurines and wants somewhere to display your kawaii action figures or dolls, let shelving be your superhero. 

Grab some floating shelves in a neutral color that you can paint to make your own, or leave them as a blank canvas to contrast with your room. Shelves offer a space to show off your cutest kawaii trinkets. 

Another way to make the walls of your room really pop is by using wall decals. Decals and stickers specifically made for walls are a fuss-free way to impart more of your creative flair! 

You can even find wallpaper-like decals to make a DIY makeover easier — no wallpaper hanging experience required. 

One amazing thing about wall decals and stickers is that you can change them as often as you’d like. When you feel like your kawaii room needs a little sprucing up, switch out some of your decals, stickers, and posters for fresh, new art.

Coziness and Adorableness Go Hand in Hand

While the concept of kawaii is very much about keepin’ things cute, there’s also a cozy vibe that pairs wonderfully with this style. 

Fluffy rugs and plushies are a couple of ways you can add a snug and homey feel to your room. Lighting can also help a ton. 

Feel free to add a heart or star-shaped lamp to your desk or nightstand. You can even grab a warm-colored light bulb, which will definitely take the cozy feels up a notch.

Sheer curtains are both kawaii AND functional as a place to hang fairy lights, yet another kawaii room decor staple. White or pink sheer curtains behind a heavier set of curtains allow you the ability to decide how much light to let into your room. If you’re having a Studio Ghibli movie night, close both sets of curtains and flip on the fairy lights.

Your new kawaii room will feel so comforting and welcoming to any guest you invite into your space.

Personalize Your Kawaii Room

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. They should be a reflection of our tastes, interests, and self. When creating your new kawaii bedroom, let your personality shine!

First, get a bulletin board to display some of your trinkets. A cute bulletin board can flaunt your favorite pins, buttons, Polaroids, and stickers (like our Heart Lingerie Sticker). Having a little exhibit of items you hold dear lets you show off who you are and makes your room into an oasis of you

If you’re someone who loves wearing jewelry, a cutesy kawaii jewelry display case or necklace holder would look super adorbs. We know you’ve been looking for a place to hang your Black Latex Nurse Mask, anyway.

DIY Kawaii Bedroom Ideas

Japanese sweets like Pocky or Hello Panda candies are just as yummy as they are kawaii. Next time you munch, don’t throw out the packaging! Use these flip-top boxes to store markers and makeup brushes. 

Glitter jars are another fun craft night activity. Fill some mason jars with warm water, glitter, and a little bit of school glue or PVA glue. Shake shake shake to thicken, and you’ve got yourself some lovely little DIY glitter jars. You can personalize them by drawing on the jars with markers or by using stickers!

Another great way of reusing something you may already have is by saving cardboard boxes. Let’s dress them up! 

Craft stores usually have cute patterned fabric, or even furry fabric to match your new rug:

  • First, remove the flaps off the top of the box, so that the box is open. 
  • Cut the fabric to cover up the box, and stick it in place using fabric glue. 

Now you have an adorable vessel in which to hold your shoes or books!

Get Inspired!

If you are unsure of where to begin when thinking of kawaii room ideas, the internet is here for you. 

Some kawaii influencers and bloggers do room tours on YouTube. This can be a great way to get those gears going and inspire the decoration of your room! You can follow kawaii social media accounts to fill your feed while you are decorating your room. This way, you will always have a stream of inspirational content to fuel the pastel pink fire!

Remember, all of these tips and ideas are here to guide you. You never have to completely duplicate something you see online. The most fun part of decorating your room is the ability to add your own personal style. 

Get creative and make your kawaii room your own, tailored to your unique preferences.

What Are You Waiting For?

With so many ways to up your room’s kawaii game, we know you can’t wait to begin. Making your room match the kawaii aesthetic can be a total overhaul or just a few little tweaks! 

You may be ready to repaint your entire room and get new, adorable furniture. Maybe you are wanting to ease into kawaii room decorations, so you’ll start off with a few more plushies and a fuzzy pink rug. However you want to impart these room decorating tips is totally up to you.

We can’t wait to see how you make your kawaii room your own with these decorating tips. Have fun!


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