The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Lace Lingerie

When you hear the word lace, what do you think of first? For us here at Moeflavor, we think of sexy, delicate, and stunning fabric in a wide variety of colors and styles. Lace is incorporated in much more than lingerie, though. You’ll see lace on an immense amount of clothing and decor.

We’re excited to give you a look into what lace really is and the history behind it, as well as talk about some different kinds of lace. Because this fabric has an extensive history, we’ll give you the key points, so you learn all you need to know.

We also want to let you in on why we love lace, especially when it’s involved in lingerie designs. We’ll fill you in on why we love it and talk about some of our favorite lace lingerie looks. Ready to hear all about lace lingerie? Keep reading.

What Is Lace?

We’re sure you’ve heard of lace, but we wanted to take a deeper look. We love lace for its delicate pattern and feel, but there’s so much more to it. Lace fabric is most commonly used to decorate clothing, furniture, and homewares. Because there are so many different kinds of lace, there are also many ways it’s manufactured.

Lace fabric has a range of complexity in design and is usually made to accentuate items rather than make up the entire product. Today, lace is typically made using cotton, and you’ll also see polyester and rayon versions of this beautiful fabric.

For a long time, and we’re talking centuries, lace has been synonymous with beauty and sensuality. It’s no surprise since we see lace everywhere we go. Lace lingerie has been popular for quite some time, and we don’t see that trend going anywhere any time soon.

The History of Lace Fabric

Like we stated above, lace has been around for centuries. While it’s hard to say where lace originated precisely, we know that it was used in Ancient Egypt as a part of their burial garb. The lace fabric we recognize today first appeared in Flemish and Italian paintings in the 15th century. Because of this, lace is often believed to have originated in one or both of those places.

Lace fabric has had quite the production journey. By the early 19th century, automated machines could make lace, which made the fabric cheaper. Lace was then seen widely in women’s clothing, starting around 1840. Now, we see lace almost everywhere we look. Lace is still a large part of women’s fashion, especially lingerie.

This brings us to our next topic. We know that lace is everywhere, but have you noticed that not all lace looks the same? That’s because there are actually many different kinds of lace. This plays a part in what type of lace we like to see as part of lingerie.

What Are the Different Kinds of Lace

Lace now comes in different patterns, fabrics, and colors. You’ll see certain types of lace on certain products. For instance, when you think of a wedding gown with lace, it’s usually chantilly lace. This is different from the type of lace used to create products like doilies and pillows.

Here, we want to highlight three different kinds of lace that we think are stunning and love to see used in lingerie designs. These, to us, are the most delicate and sensual versions of the fabric we know and love.

Chantilly Lace

The word “delicate” is the perfect word to describe this type of lace. Chantilly lace can be identified by its netted background and scalloped edges. 

This kind of lace is seen in wedding gown designs and other clothing pieces. We love to see it used in sexy bralettes and negligees.

French Embroidered Lace

Similar to Chantilly lace, French embroidered lace has a net background. This type of lace has beautiful raised motifs or beads, usually delicate pearls. This kind is perfect for use in lingerie. We love to see French embroidered lace used as an overlay on a sexy bra or bodysuit.

Venetian Lace

We’re obsessed with this kind of lace fabric and think it’s extra stunning, thanks to its lack of mesh attachment. This makes the pattern look even more delicate as if that were possible. Venetian Lace is very fine and has a raised design. This kind of lace can be used as appliques, lace trims, or on clothing garments.

We’ve mentioned a few different ways we like to see these kinds of lace used in lingerie. At Moeflavor, we create our own lingerie designs and think lace is the perfect addition to any sensual piece. Keep reading to hear more about lace lingerie.

The History of Lace Lingerie

The actual term “lingerie” wasn’t introduced to American vocabulary until 1852. At that point, we started seeing lingerie dresses being incorporated into women’s wardrobes. Lingerie dresses had lace embellishments, trim, ruffles, and more.

As time went on, lace dresses appeared in retail stores and could be altered to fit perfectly. Lace has had a long journey and is still used in many things other than clothing and lingerie. From handkerchiefs to nightgowns to undergarments, we’re glad lace fabric exists to make items more delicate and beautiful.

Why We Love Lace Lingerie

In case you couldn’t tell, we have a strong love for lace, but more importantly, lace lingerie. There’s something so sweet but mysterious and sexy about this fabric. Lace lingerie can have so many different vibes, depending on the style of the lace itself and the style of the piece the lace is a part of.

Lace can be used on delicate, see-through bralettes, cute bodysuits, or even edgier, strappy lingerie. In our opinion, lingerie is way less fun when it’s not decorated with the thin, beautiful patterns of lace. Lace lingerie can make a plain garment into something special and even more sensual.

We also love that lace, when used in lingerie, is soft and supple. We love when lace adds style to a piece, but it’s even better when that piece is touchable and comfortable. There’s nothing better than wearing lingerie that you never want to take off, until you do.

Our Favorite Lace Lingerie

As we mentioned, we design our own original, beautiful pieces that make you feel unique and sexy. A couple of our designs have a bit of lace, and we’re excited to share them with you. Get ready to shop the hottest lace lingerie you’ve seen in a long time.

Red Metallic Holiday Sleigh

Our Red Metallic Holiday Sleigh lingerie has obvious callbacks to the holiday season, but without the festive headband and name, this fiery set is perfect for any time of year. The best part, we think, is the sheer lace detail on the collar and underwear. 

The fact that this lace detail is see-through only adds to the beauty. Grab this lingerie set to feel like you can slay anything.

Sweet Talk Heart Ruffle Lingerie

A different take on the delicacy of lace lingerie is our Sweet Talk Heart Ruffle Lingerie design. We think this is the sweetest option if you’re not into more risky, edgy designs. If you choose this lingerie set, you’ll still feel sophisticated in the pastel pink, purple, or black color options. This set is revealing in the best ways and will make you feel like a million bucks.

As you can tell, we love to involve lace, ruffles, and frills in our lingerie designs because we think they add the right amount of femininity and fun. You’ll have no problem finding a piece of lingerie that fits all of your style needs, especially if you’re a big fan of lace like us.

Wrapping Things Up in a Lace Ribbon

By now, you’ve got the whole backstory on lace as a fabric and its use in clothing items. We could talk about lace lingerie forever due to its captivating look and feel. There’s just something that feels extra special when lace is involved.

If you’re like us and can’t get enough lace or lingerie, just head to our site to get shopping. We love to provide you with incredibly stylish and seductive lingerie that will leave you feeling like your best self, all wrapped up in lace ribbon and ruffles.

Shop on and fall in love with lace lingerie.


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