The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Latex Lingerie

Including latex lingerie in your drawer full of secrets is a great way to keep things thrilling and spicy. At Moeflavor, we have several latex designs because we think it’s the perfect material to tease the eye. With the second-skin vibes that latex gives you, you’ll be a mix of tantalizing, daring, and sexy. 

Scroll on to find out how we like to wear latex lingerie and to hear about which pieces at Moeflavor we’re loving right now.

Ways To Wear Latex Lingerie

There are so many ways these days to incorporate latex into your wardrobe. While our favorite way involves a bit more sex appeal, we also think there are great ways to wear latex out and about! 

Think latex crop tops, pants, and skirts, as well as your more sexy bras, underwear, and strappy lingerie. We’re about to blow your mind by giving you four different examples of ways you can wear latex lingerie both indoors and out on the town.

Before you get all the details, take a look at this list we’ve made for easy latex outfit shopping:

  • High-shine latex crop top
  • Easy to wear latex pants
  • Latex mini skirt
  • Latex mini dress
  • Long-sleeved latex bodysuit
  • Skater skirt made with latex
  • Looser fitting latex top

Can you believe there are more options than just these to get your shiny new wardrobe started? We’re so glad that latex has found its way into some easy access shops so we can wear this cute, bold style—and not just in the bedroom.

A Latex Set

We think a great sort of magic happens when you pair latex crop tops and skirts together! Go for a black latex crop top and mini skirt for the perfect night-out look. 

You can also pair a latex crop top with a cool pair of patterned pants to switch it up and be more unique. The options here are endless, and the great news is that you can also wear these separates as pieces in the bedroom.

Mixed and Matched Fabrics

If you’re not looking to wear an all-latex outfit, mix your favorite latex piece with a matte material to keep the look comfortable and fresh. 

A great example would be to pair a latex skirt with a lacy top or a latex tank top with your favorite denim bottoms. These looks will be so on-trend, and you’ll be the most stylish in the room. After all, mixing fabrics is a great way to add detail and style to any outfit.

A Classic Outfit

Although latex isn’t everyone’s first option when they think of a classic outfit, it can totally work when you want to look classic and chic. 

When you are looking for the perfect outfit to boost your confidence, try putting on a latex mini dress or tucking in a long-sleeved latex top into a pair of black jeans. Both of these looks would be amazing with a pair of stilettos or a rocking pair of knee-high boots. 

Once again, these latex pieces can bring the heat to the bedroom as well!

In the Bedroom

If it wasn’t already obvious, our most beloved way to wear latex is in the form of the sexiest lingerie. We have several examples of what styles we like to wear, and you can pair different pieces of these styles together to really switch things up. 

Be adventurous, and don’t be afraid to wear this shiny, arousing material to keep things hot in the bedroom. If you ask us, latex lingerie is some of the most fun lingerie to wear if you want to create some steamy fun.

Moeflavor’s Favorite Latex Pieces

Here at Moeflavor, we have some favorite latex pieces of our own. These designs are original to us and are heavily inspired by Japanese fashion. We adore these latex styles and are sure you will too. 

Choose the more subtle, classic Sheer Succubus Bodysuit or jump outside the box with our more risque Hell Rider Succubus lingerie set. Either of these pieces will keep you feeling as hot as you already are. Read on to get the details of our current latex favorites.

Sheer Succubus Bodysuit

This hot little number has a ton of detail that we’re obsessed with. The design’s main focus is the sheer bodysuit. The sheer bodice is complete with latex details on the chest and bottom, as well as a plunging neckline that laces up. 

The Sheer Succubus Bodysuit also comes with the cutest winged headband to complete the look. Choose this flattering bodysuit in black, red, or pink.

Cyber Black Bunny Set

For a full-on latex look, we love this all-black, all-latex bunny set. This set includes a shoulder top, bra, underwear, skirt, wrist cuffs, and bunny headband. 

The best part of this look is that each separate piece can be worn in different ways. Choose this latex lingerie set if you want all the sexy options you can imagine.

Hell Rider Succubus Lingerie

We think the Hell Rider Succubus set is the best choice if you want to transform into a more scandalous version of your daytime self. This set is completed with a latex top, underwear, and waist piece with garter. 

These three pieces together create a sultry look that you’re going to look great in. The Hell Rider set also comes in black, red, or pink!

Chaotic Nurse Outfit in Red

Make the most of your next latex lingerie look in this outfit! Our Chaotic Nurse Outfit in Red is the definition of sexy and alluring. 

Designed in latex, this set comes with headwear, an eye patch, a top, bra, skirt, underwear, and leg garter. All these shiny red components put together make for the optimal latex lingerie choice. 

Accessories To Add to the Look

Now that you’ve seen our amazing latex lingerie options, it’s time to fill you in on the greatest news. At Moeflavor, we’ve got even more ways to accessorize your latex looks to complete the outfits you're about to knock out!

Keep reading to be let in on the coolest Moeflavor accessories that you’ll want to add to your wardrobe as soon as possible:

We love being able to provide you with so many amazing ways to create a lingerie style that’s all your own. With these accessories, you’ll be able to add the perfect amount of your own personal cheek to the hottest latex looks. 

Latex Lingerie in Pop Culture

As you may have guessed, latex hasn’t always been quite so popular and wearable as a clothing option. This material has come a long way since once being seen mostly as a shocking fetish. Latex clothing has become slightly less daring since being incorporated on the red carpet. 

After being made a little more mainstream due to the public seeing more latex garments in fashion, the choice to wear latex clothing shocks less and awes more. Don’t be afraid to jump in on this trend in public as well as in the privacy of your own bedroom! For more inspiration on latex fashion, take a look at what we’ve discovered about its history.

Latex in History

Latex clothing started out as sexy and was saved for those with a high-shine fetish. The material started being used for modern clothing in the 20th century, though it was still seen as provocative due to usage in magazines like Bazaar and Exotique. 

Since then, latex slowly started becoming more known to the public and its closets thanks to the celebrities and red carpets featuring this shiny fabric in their outfits. It’s no surprise that whenever a type of fashion hits the bodies of the celebrities we love, that style starts trickling into mainstream fashion. We can’t say we’re mad about this one!

Time To Be Stunning

There you have it: the daring, sexy, unique way to wear lingerie. Latex is so in, and we’re all jumping on board this shiny train. Look no further than Moeflavor to add your new favorite sets and latex separates to your secret drawer. 

Whether you choose to rock a latex outfit when you go out or put on a heat-provoking latex bodysuit in the bedroom, we’re sure this style is going to instantly add excitement to your life. You’re going to stun more than Kim K and Beyonce combined in your glossy outfits!


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