The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Negligees

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably at least heard of what a negligee is. We love them for their sheer mystery and more delicate qualities. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about these beautiful pieces of lingerie, then this post is for you. We’re going to give you a guide through what a negligee is and how you can choose a style of negligee to fit your unique personality. Trust us; there are options for anyone and everyone.

Keep reading to find out why negligees are sexy and flat-out comfortable to wear to bed, plus what we love most about this style here at Moeflavor. Happy reading!

So, What Is a Negligee Exactly?

A negligee is best described as a sheer dressing gown. Today, the styles are a bit more revealing than when they were first designed. They typically fall right below the bum, sometimes above, and the material is sheer and see-through. Of course, there are many styles of negligees, and you can find them in different lengths and materials.

Most commonly defined as a light dressing gown made of sheer, soft fabric, negligees are designed to be feminine, delicate, with a hint of mystery. We love them for these very reasons. If you’re looking for a piece of lingerie that you feel truly sexy and confident in, then you should definitely choose this age-old lingerie style.

Negligees Are a Long Time Favorite

Negligees have been around since the 1800s and were designed in France. This style of lingerie was designed to mimic the styles of gowns worn in daily life. Negligees are meant to be more comfortable and sexy and are made for the bedroom. This lingerie design wasn’t originally supposed to be sexy or erotic, but it was thought of more in that way, starting around the 1940s.

Negligees began appearing in magazines and in images of well-known actresses and models, thus creating more attention on this elegant piece. Negligees are still popular today and are typically made using fine fabrics, lace, and bows. However, thanks to some creativity, there are now more styles than ever if you choose to wear a negligee.

From feminine to edgy to emo, negligees come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes. Interested in what some of these styles may be, and how to wear them? Read on to get the full scoop on just some of the hottest negligee styles.

What Are Some Different Negligee Styles I Can Find?

You’re right where you need to be if you’re interested in trying out a negligee but aren’t sure which style to go with. It doesn’t matter if your personal style is darker or on the softer side of things; there is sure to be an option for you.

Lucky for us all, we can choose to wear a super soft, pastel negligee with all the frills and ribbons, or go for an edgier look in a black negligee that has a little more structure and includes details like straps and chains.

Let’s look at how negligees can be styled:

A Delicate, Feminine Negligee

We’re obsessed with lightly colored, soft-as-a-cloud negligees for those times when we want to feel beautiful, delicate, and feminine. If this is more your style, look for a negligee that is a pastel color, and go for a style that has ruffles, maybe some lace, or other soft details. 

Delicate negligees tend to be the silkiest and are usually mostly see-through. This is great because it keeps the mystery alive while giving you a little more coverage than if you just went with a bra and panties.

Edgy, Darker Negligees

We love this style as much as any other. There’s nothing hotter than an all-black, daring negligee with strappy details that’ll make the heart beat faster. 

If this is your style, you’ll want to find a negligee that has a little more depth in the detail department. Edgier negligees pull out all the stops when it comes to perfectly placed straps and garter belts. 

Don’t be afraid to knock out this particular style. Putting on an edgy negligee will make you feel like a hardcore ruler that can’t be stopped. Get ready, world!

Kawaii Negligees

Yes, you can even find a negligee that is super kawaii and charming. Kawaii negligees are great because they initiate the cutest feelings. Wearing something adorable that also shows off all your best features is a huge win. 

Kawaii style negligees are similar to the feminine ones we described above, but think cuter, if that’s possible. You can find all kinds of kawaii negligees, but we love options that have puffy sleeves and lace trim. You’re sure to find something you feel amazing in that fits your specific kawaii desires.

Negligees Aren’t Just Sexy. They’re Comfy.

Do you want to know the best part about wearing a negligee? You’ll stay comfortable and sensual in this option. 

Not only are they breezy and lightweight, but wearing nothing but your underwear to bed is healthier, too. Especially if you’re wearing a negligee without panties underneath, this will give your nether regions the breathing room necessary to keep your areas dry and clean. While this definitely isn’t crucial to do all the time, it’s totally a perk to wearing your sexy new garments.

There are more pros than that to choosing negligees as your go-to lingerie. Because these are usually made out of the softest materials, they’re extremely enjoyable to wear around the house, even without sexy time in mind. Trust us; you’re going to have a hard time stepping out of these precious pieces.

Why Should I Wear a Negligee?

Of course, only wear something if you feel your very best in it. We think this particular style of lingerie is flattering and attractive on anybody, but you have to stay true to yourself. This brings us to the point that we’re super passionate about. 

Choosing to wear lingerie, in general, should be about how it makes you feel before it’s about how it makes anyone else feel.

Often, lingerie is something we think of only as a way to make others more attracted to us, or we save it for special occasions. At Moeflavor, we’re firm believers that you can walk around the house in your favorite lingerie or even incorporate it into your daily fashion in order to feel like the killer queen you are. Even just picking out new lingerie can give you a serious confidence boost and renew your love for your body.

Whether you choose a negligee or a different style of lingerie, we hope you feel your sexiest and most confident. If you do pick out a negligee, we know you’re going to love their flowy, mystical qualities.

Negligees That We’re Loving

Obviously, we love lingerie of all kinds. We do have a couple of favorites when it comes to negligees, though. Scroll a little further to check out our current negligee favorites and why we love them so much:

  • Saint/Sinner Sheer Nun Set: This lingerie set isn’t your typical negligee, though it does have similarities. We love this set for its unconventional yet elegant style. Complete with headwear, a collar, bra, sleeves, skirt, and underwear, feel free to wear this as it comes or wear certain pieces on their own.
  • Angel Babydoll Lingerie: If you’re looking for one of the cutest lingerie options, this is definitely calling your name. We don’t think you can beat this set and its sheer, angelic look. This comes with a headband, negligee, and underwear, so you don’t have to think about any other details. Even though we call this angel lingerie, it certainly leaves the mind wandering.

There are no wrong answers when you’re choosing a negligee. Like we said, as long as you feel confident and like yourself, whatever you choose will be the right answer.

Let’s Wrap This Up

If you weren’t sure what a negligee was, or you needed a little bit of styling help, we hope this guide gave you some great ideas to take with you when you start shopping for your newest, hottest addition. 

Negligees have a long history, and we’re happy to see them in so many different styles and designs today. It’s amazing that while lingerie can be one of the sexiest things ever, it can also be one of the most comfortable. Keep these things in mind when you’re shopping for negligees, and you’ll be all set.


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