The Ultimate Guide to Plus-Size Kawaii Lingerie

Welcome to the ultimate guide to plus-size kawaii lingerie. Here at Moeflavor, we believe you deserve beautiful, sexy, and cute lingerie, no matter what your body type is. That’s why our collection of kawaii lingerie is size-inclusive, gorgeous, and the hottest you’ll ever see. We offer sizes XS-4XL so that you can wear your favorite styles and designs, no matter your stunning shape. You’re going to look enchanting!

Read on to get all the info you’ll ever need on all things plus-size lingerie. We’re going to explore a little bit about its history, the level of confidence it can bring, as well as the different plus-size designs Moeflavor brings to the table. Don’t settle for mediocre lingerie any longer; purchase lingerie that makes you look and feel as stunning as you already are.

Raging Confidence

Do you find it hard to pick out pieces of lingerie that make you feel truly beautiful and confident? We understand that it can be challenging to find lingerie with the amount of style, comfort, and flair that plus-size people deserve to wear.

We think you should be able to find lingerie in your size in whatever style you love best, which is why we’ve created a range of sizes just for you. Lingerie should have you standing in front of the mirror checking yourself out because of how hot you are from the inside out! It hasn’t always been easy to find plus-size lingerie, and there’s still room to grow when it comes to inclusivity, but we desire to offer lingerie sets and pieces that make your heart swell.

Ready to hear more about how plus-size lingerie has gotten to where it is now? Read on.

The Journey of Plus-Size Lingerie

As we stated earlier, plus-size lingerie hasn’t always been as accessible or talked about as it is today, though as we said, there’s a way to go to make it as mainstream as your regular lingerie. Plus-size lingerie has had quite the progress so far. Check out a little bit about the history and non-linear journey that our sexy undergarments have taken.

Well-heard-of companies have been dabbling in the creation and production of plus-size lingerie since the early 1900s. When we say the progress has been non-linear, we mean that the reasoning for plus-size lingerie and how “inclusive” it was was short of what was needed. Advertising for plus-size lingerie hasn’t always been diverse or as body-positive as it should have always been.

Though lingerie hasn’t always been adequate for the curvier body, more and more progress has been made from the early 2000s to now. Sizes have become much more diverse than ever before, and designs have become more comfortable while staying sexier than ever. 

Plus-sized figures have begun to be seen as normal and beautiful, as they should be. We’re happy to provide pieces that fit you well and show off your natural, stunning shape.

More Than Lingerie

Like all other sizes, plus-sized women should be able to wear gorgeous lingerie pieces proudly, in and out of the bedroom. After all, they’re more than lingerie; they’re clothing pieces that you invest in that have lasting style power.

Clearly, we stay true to the opinion that confidence is an attribute for the bedroom, as well as out on the town. At Moeflavor, we believe this can happen through lingerie pieces. We’re always ones to say you can totally rock a piece of lingerie in public, especially if you’re plus-sized!

This post is about plus-size kawaii lingerie, so if you’re new here, welcome to the world of lingerie that is sexy as well as cute and adorable. Moeflavor loves combining kawaii lingerie with clothing pieces that you can wear indoors and out. We’ve put together some outfit ideas for you that include certain kawaii lingerie styles. These looks are perfect for your dating life, nightlife, and everyday casual life.

Check out some of our favorite ways outfits made with kawaii lingerie:

Lingerie With Shorts

This is a great look for truly any occasion because you can dress it up or down. Choose a corset in your choice of color and style, and wear it like you would wear a bodysuit–underneath a pair of the most flattering high-waisted shorts.

With a Blazer

You can elevate the look above by adding a chic blazer over top. Switch out the corset for a cute silky lingerie top, and tuck it into a pair of your favorite denim shorts. Throwing on a well-fitting blazer makes this look more sophisticated. 

Bustier With Pants and Jacket

A bustier is a sexier, more daring choice to wear on the town, but we’re obsessed with it! You will look stunning with a black lacy bustier tucked into a pair of harem pants. Add on a button-clad jacket or a fitted blazer, and your style just leveled up.

Lingerie With Jeans

This choice is more obvious but can be switched up to fit your own unique style. You can pair any type of lingerie with denim, such as a corset, camisole, or bustier. 

Pick whichever style you feel the hottest in, and pair it with your most comfortable pair of skinny jeans or mom jeans.

Lingerie With a Suit

Take on a completely different style with this fresh look. We think the coolest outfit includes a black lacy camisole with a matching jacket and pants. 

The best part about this outfit? You can definitely wear it to the office.

Lingerie With Sweatpants

Comfort is the most important; don’t you agree? You can be comfy and ready to stay in or wear this look to get coffee or groceries. Keep on your best camisole but add a pair of trusty sweatpants, sneakers, and an oversized distressed jacket. This look screams stylish and cozy.

Plus-Size Lingerie at Moeflavor

Can you tell we’re huge fans of plus-size kawaii lingerie? Because of our love for the cutest style around, we created our own kawaii and cosplay-inspired lingerie designs that draw from Japanese fashion. These looks are best suited for sexy time in the privacy of your bedroom but can totally be paired with other garments for outdoor looks, as listed above. 

Take a quick glance at some of our favorite kawaii pieces that are size-inclusive.

There are more where those came from! Shop on for your new favorite lingerie garments that fit your every curve and desire.

The Details on Design

Our designs are made with human bodies in mind. We believe you should be able to be as comfortable as you are seductive. To support our belief, we’ve created a measurement guide that gives full detail on how to properly measure your body for the specific pieces you want.

With the correct measurements, you will be able to find your perfect size in our cutest lingerie. The measurement guide, as well as designs that are meant to flatter your body shape, are a match made in wearable heaven. It’s never been easier to pick out a piece of lingerie that feels like it was made for you and your body alone.

Get Ready To Look and Feel Your Best

Along with the correct fit of whichever undergarments you decide to put on, mindset is also crucial in feeling like the beauty that you are. We don’t take this part lightly and want to do everything we can to encourage positive body outlooks.

Don’t purchase lingerie just because it’s lingerie. The point is not to own a beautiful new clothing item (though that’s ok too), but to put a clothing item on your body to enhance it and show it off.

We’re sure that you’re going to feel your hottest, because you already are! Let our kawaii lingerie hug your curves in the best way, making you feel powerfully sexy. 


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