A Beginner’s Guide to Plus-Size Lingerie

Shopping for plus-size lingerie just became a whole lot easier. We fully understand that even in a world where there are more size options than ever, it can still be challenging to find a plus-size lingerie collection that will have a style that fits you well and that you can wear for all occasions.

If finding intimates, lace bodysuits, and swimwear is something you struggle with, don’t worry! We’ve made a beginner’s guide to plus-size lingerie just for you, without all the added fluff. We believe you and your curves are stunning and sexy. They deserve to be clad in the hottest lingerie — whether you choose crotchless panties or a sturdy but tempting underwire bra.

In this guide, you’ll find all you need to know about what plus-size lingerie styles are hot right now, how you can find the perfect fit by measuring, and how to feel confident in lingerie styles both inside and out and about.

You Deserve To Feel Sexy

We can’t tell you enough how much you deserve to find lace lingerie in your size that looks and feels divine. Lucky for you, we know just where you can find it. At Moeflavor, you can find plus-size lingerie in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes. We love that we can design waifu and kawaii-inspired lingerie for everybody.

Take the guesswork out of shopping for your next bodysuit or lingerie set, and shop with us to find what you need for that next special occasion. Looking for your next set for a boudoir session or late night in? What about a mysterious black lace cami and g-string set that you can wear in the bedroom and out to a party?

Whatever your needs are, look no further. Be prepared to feel sexier and more empowered than ever before after reading all about lingerie made with you in mind.

Plus-Size Lingerie Today

It’ll come as no surprise that in the past, even the most recent past, it’s been a challenge to find plus-size anything. That goes for plus-size t-shirts, sleepwear, bralettes, activewear; you name it. Plus-size lingerie has been especially hard to find, and the definition of plus-size has been changing.

We’re ecstatic that today, plus-size lingerie is more accessible and that more and more brands are catering to these sizes. After all, the average dress size in the United States right now is between a size 16 and 18. It seems like finally, brands realize that the need for plus-size clothing is high.

We wish plus-size clothing and lingerie has been easily accessible before this. However, we’re glad to say that you’ll more freely be able to find sexy, strappy undergarments in a size that feels comfortable and looks flattering no matter what size is on the tag. Bustiers, chemises, garters, panty sets — they should all exist for plus-sized women.

Now, the fun part about there being more designs created for plus-size women (and all other folks) is that there are so many more options as far as lingerie styles are concerned. Get ready to think outside the box and get your wallets ready, too, because there are plus-size lingerie styles for days.

Plus-Size Lingerie Styles To Love

Everybody has lingerie styles that they feel most comfortable in. There are countless styles and designs of underwear, bra sets, bodysuits, lace teddies, and more that you can choose from without worrying about whether or not they’ll fit. You can literally wear anything you please, from garter belts to rompers, camisoles, and boy shorts. It’s all about what makes you feel great.

Are you ready to be inspired by the hottest lingerie trends at the moment? We’ve put together a short but inclusive list of some pieces you might want to add to your next shopping list. Better yet, go ahead and add these to your cart now and thank us later.

Full Cup Bras

We know that it’s important to feel supported and comfortable when wearing a bra, whether you’ll be wearing it throughout the day or just at night. You can find sleek and simple options, options with delicate lace trim, or even fully glammed-up shimmering choices. Full cup bras are designed to fully support your beautiful bust while looking as sexy as you’d like.

If you want to take it one step further, choose a halter plunge bra — show off those assets!


Need some more support on the bottom? Shapewear is an awesome way to give your figure some structure while making sure you feel confident in whatever outfit you wear over the top of it. What’s great is that shapewear is now size-inclusive enough for you to find your perfect pair.

Babydoll Lingerie

What’s sexier than a sheer, lightweight babydoll piece that you’ll feel like a million bucks in? Babydolls give you the power to wear whatever you want underneath if you choose to wear anything at all. Not only that, but the fit is more forgiving and versatile thanks to the high waist, so you’ll be sure to find one that will be your go-to.

Choose a lace babydoll and pair it with fishnets to up the sexy factor, and you’ll never want to shop for pajamas again.

Get the Perfect Fit by Measuring

It’s better to take the time to measure before buying to ensure that the fit of your new lingerie is perfect than taking a risk and having the hassle of returning your orders. The great thing is that there are size guides galore, and we’re about to give you an easy-to-follow measuring guide to help as well.

Grab a measuring tape and get comfortable with the gorgeous skin you’re in. Taking your measurements can seem like a daunting task, but we promise it doesn’t take long and is definitely worth it in the end. Let’s start.

Band Sizing

To measure your band size, wrap the measuring tape around your chest, below your armpits, to measure your band size. Make sure the measuring tape is wrapped firmly but isn’t squeezing you and isn’t too loose. The measurement you get will be your band size. If you measure an odd number, round up one number.

Bust Sizing

Wrap the measuring tape loosely around the fullest part of your bust. This is your bust size.

Cup Sizing

Last, subtract your band size from your bust size, and you’ll get your cup size. Make sure you look at the size chart before you order to ensure you’re choosing the best fit for you.

Plus-Size Lingerie at Moeflavor

Not only are we here to give you an easy way to pick out lingerie and help you with sizing needs, but we’ve also got you covered as far as products go. You’re in luck when it comes to kawaii and sexy lingerie in curvy sizes.

We’ve picked out our current favorites that are available in all sizes. Take a look and add your favorite to your cart.

  • Blush Bunny Ears Lingerie in Black: wow, this set is to die for with its fun accessories and scandalous bunny ears as the only bust coverage. This set comes in every size and is complete with a top, skirt, thong, bunny ears, collar, and even double-sided tape.
  • Angel Babydoll Lingerie: Feel like a soft angel in this set that comes with a halo headband, sheer babydoll dress, and underwear. You can’t go wrong with this dreamy set.
  • Sheer Succubus Bodysuit: Feeling devilish? This is the lingerie set for you. Again, this set is available in all sizes and is ready for your naughty mood with its headband and sheer black and latex bodysuit.

We’re sure we have what you need and have a fully stocked site ready for you to browse to your heart’s content. Our lingerie is originally designed with you and your beautiful bod in mind. Shop on and spread the love!

Confidence Inside and Out on the Town

You can absolutely wear your hot little numbers on more than one occasion than just a short time in the bedroom. Take your bodysuits and corsets out and about and feel stunning doing so. There are so many outfit combinations to choose from if you decide to wear your lingerie to dinner, that party you’ve got scheduled, or a girl’s night out. Hey, you can even tastefully wear a piece of lingerie under a blazer for work.

The world is your oyster, and there are no rules here. Once you have your measurements and are ready to choose the most comfortable pieces for your wardrobe, you’ll be able to pair them with a sleek pair of denim and heels, or all on their own as a show-stopping look. You could even wear your lingerie as loungewear — it’s totally up to you!

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to wearing your lingerie. You deserve to feel confident and head-turning!


Hopefully, you feel able to pick out a new piece of lingerie that you’re excited about, and that will feel perfect on you. It’s easier than ever to take a minute to measure, check out which styles ignite a flame of inspiration, and grab it for yourself to wear and feel as powerful as you already are.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on the fieriest lingerie you’ve seen yet. Don’t forget to tell us what you think!


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