What Are Demonia Boots?

If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent a possibly embarrassing amount of time dreaming about the perfect goth-style wardrobe. The wardrobes we’ve dreamt about have included a pair or three of the widely known Demonia boots.

Don’t know what Demonia boots are? We’d love to tell you! In the goth, punk, and emo subcultures, Demonia shoes are the accessory everyone wants to wear to their next concert or hangout. You can wear these statement shoes wherever you want (regardless of your shoe size), and you’ll be the toughest looking one around if you do.

Let’s talk a little more about what kinds of shoes these actually are.

What Are Demonia boots?

Demonia boots are an alternative footwear style of boot; basically, they’re platform shoes. They can also be knee-high boots or calf boots. Just think about a pair of black combat boots, but way more extra. Demonia boots can come in different heights and styles. They come in women’s and unisex. Sometimes styles of Demonia footwear are referred to as creepers.

When shopping, you can find Demonia boots that stop at the ankle (booties) and some that go all the way up to the knee. Pick your poison when it comes to how extreme you want your look to be. Along with the height of the boots themselves, Demonia boots come in a variety of colors and can have buckles or holographic details. The variety of styles includes retro, punk, and more.

Basically, these awesome shoes can be everything you want them to be and will complete any grunge look your heart desires.

How Did Demonia Boots Originate?

Although darker styles like goth and punk have been around for a while, it’s known that Demonia boots were created and worn around the1990s. At this time, boots started becoming more of a statement to an outfit than practical walking shoes.

In the 90s, shoes, in general, began to be designed bigger and bolder. This definitely applied to Demonia boots, which were a real crowd-pleaser. These platform boots started becoming popular with the punk crowd for good reason. Putting on a pair of powerful Demonia ankle boots can make you feel like you rule the world.

In short, Demonia boots became a thing at the same time punk and emo fashion was on the rise. The two went hand in hand, and the rest is history. We’re just glad to have gotten these fashionable boots out of it all.

Different Styles of Demonia Shoes

By now, you know that there are certainly Demonia boots, but did you know there are other styles in this category as well? We have several favorites that have made their way into our hearts, and we know that once we share them with you, you’ll be running to add them to your shoe collection.

The awesome thing about Demonia shoes is that there are so many styles (have you seen Demonia platform Mary Janes?) that there is surely something for everybody’s unique vibe. Whether you’re the most hardcore goth there is, or your style is more pastel, kawaii side of things, there’s a Demonia shoe for you.

Take a look at just some of our favorite styles, and decide which one will make its way into your closet.

Demonia Boots

As we mentioned, Demonia boots are among the most popular Demonia shoes. Why? Because there’s nothing quite as tough and killer as a platform, knee-high, buckle-clad pair of boots. You’ll be the ruler of any room you step in and will feel like you’re on center stage at all times when you wear your own pair.

If you’re not that into the idea of a tall pair of boots, don’t worry; you can also find Demonia boots in a shorter height and a brighter color. There’s a boot for everyone, and everyone should try them out.

Demonia Mules

These shoes are another great way to let everyone in the room or on the streets know that you mean business. Just like the boots, these shoes will give you height and style. We love to see Demonia mules in pastel shades. Our favorite would be a lavender pair with a little bit of extra fluff.

You heard that right. Demonia mules also come in a crazy amount of designs, including designs that scream kawaii royalty. If you wear these, your inner child will thank you, and so will your feet, because they’re pretty comfortable, too.

Demonia Sandals

Yup, there are even such things as Demonia sandals. These shoes have a platform heel but are strappy and ready for warmer weather. If you’re the type who loves being out when it’s warm and sunny, this will be the pair for you.

Demonia sandals are the perfect mix of edge and practicality when it comes to dressing for the season. We love that you don’t have to sacrifice your edgy style for comfort and staying breezy.

Mary Janes

Who doesn’t love a classic Mary Jane style shoe? We bet you had a pair years ago or still own some today. If you’re like us and you love the classic, double strapped beauties that are Mary Janes, then you’ll love these, too.

These are quite literally just an elevated take on the classics. Demonia Mary Jane shoes will give you the cute school-girl feel while maintaining your incredible punk attitude.


Those laced-up old-school shoes just got cooler. We love oxford shoes because you can add them to any style, and they give you an edge that can’t be explained other than wanting to blast your favorite CD from years ago as you imagine jumping in the nearest mosh pit.

Demonia oxfords are a super cool spin on those classic shoes you used to pair with black stockings and plaid skirts. What’s great is that they add height to your look, which only adds to the feeling of being in charge of your life and style.

Why Should You Wear Demonia Boots?

This seems like a silly question, but we’ll go ahead and tell you all the reasons we think everyone should wear a pair of Demonia boots at least once. Not only are these boots an incredible fashion statement, but they’re also comfortable and practical, too.

If you’re searching for a pair of boots that are cute, comfortable, and always in style, then you’ve found just those. Read on to get the whole scoop about these qualities.

Adds Cuteness to Any Outfit

As we just mentioned, Demonia boots are the cutest shoe to add to your closet that you can pair with any outfit, whether it be an all-black edgy outfit or a kawaii rainbow outfit.

You can even style these with a cute lingerie set, out on the town or in the privacy of the bedroom. That’s the great thing about Demonia boots — there’s a style and color for all who want to wear them.

The Comfort of Demonia Boots

Are you wondering if these cute shoes are worth it, comfort-wise? We get it. If you’re going to add a pair of boots to your shoe collection, it’s good to know how comfortable they are, especially if you plan on wearing them to a long concert or just out doing your own thing all day.

The good news? In our opinion, Demonia boots are comfortable to walk in, and you can make them even more comfortable depending on the season. For example, if you’re in the middle of spring or summer, just put on a pair of the cutest Demonia sandals to keep an edgy breeze.

Always in Style

If you’ve decided to make the purchase, you might be racking your brain for outfit ideas and wondering if you really can pair these boots with anything. The simple answer is yes; you can absolutely wear these with anything you desire. Demonia boots have been in style for years.

These shoes are a classic option that you’ll be glad you have even years down the road. You’ll be happy to find them in your wardrobe when you’re searching for the perfect pair to wear with a little black dress or a cool pair of jeans and a leather jacket.

Whatever you choose to wear these high heel shoes with, you’ll never go out of style. Don’t forget there are tons of options, like Demonia creepers and suede Demonias.

Wearing Demonia Boots With Moeflavor Lingerie

We couldn’t let you go without giving you a couple of super cute outfit ideas with lingerie and Demonia boots. We love this look for its edginess, but also for the fact that your look can be feminine, kawaii, and colorful, too.

For a look that’s perfect for the bedroom or even a rave party, pair our Cyber Black Bunny Set with an awesome pair of Demonia platform boots. It doesn’t get any more cool-girl than that. Just toss on a pair of tights, and you’re ready to go.

If you want a more girly, light look, pop on our Blush Bunny Set with a pair of pastel Demonia boots. Everyone will be wondering where you got your outfit.


If it wasn’t already obvious, we’re huge fans of Demonia boots and even bigger fans of pairing them with lingerie. You can’t go wrong with either, and we can’t wait for you to grab an outfit that’ll make you feel unstoppable.

So go on, take the fashion chance. You’ll be glad you did.


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