Where To Buy Emo Clothes

Emo clothing has been in style since about the 1980s, and we’re ecstatic to report that it’s sticking around. Since emo clothing became a part of the cool kids’ closets, it has  evolved in some great ways. In this post, we’re going to explore what defines something as emo, what makes emo fashion, what it is, and how it lets  you in on our favorite emo pieces at Moeflavor.

Stick around if you dare, and learn all there is to know about emo style.

So, What Even Is Emo?

Well, we’re so glad you asked. This is one of our favorite topics! 

The term “emo” can be defined in many ways, from music taste, clothing choices, and overall lifestyle. Even though the term is arbitrary, and you can define it however you’d like for yourself, the general consensus is that emo, short for emotional, is defined by music and clothing choices that reflect a feeling of sadness or angst.

Even though emo is usually related to such deep emotions and has been seen as a problem that contributes to mental health struggles, those who are into the style feel strongly about what emo is associated with their favorite punk bands. 

Emo is more than being depressed and dark. People who enjoy the emo subculture are here for good music and killer fashion choices.

The History of Emo

We’d love to talk a little more about how emo even started! 

The most well-known idea is that the emo subculture was born in 1984 when Rites of Spring took the hardcore scene by storm. This was the beginning of calling out your own emotions and acting out because of them. In the beginning, the bands who started being labeled as emo didn’t think it was a good thing.

Going forward to the 90s, emo became more widely known and was defined differently from place to place in the world. Definitions ranged anywhere from chaotic to romantic to pop-punk. Emo mostly referred to particular bands and songs, but there was definitely a look that started to form among the crowds who listened to said bands.

Emo really stuck in the late 90s and 2000s and was soon known all over. As a music genre and style choice, emo took pride in being more underground than popular. In fact, that was part of the idea. 

Being emotional, misunderstood, and a sad romantic played a part in so many songs and outfits. After all, there’s no better way to express these things than an all-black outfit complete with a studded belt.

What Defines Clothing as Emo?

Emo clothing can take on many different forms, depending on how far into the style you want to be. Typically, you’ll see a lot of black, red, purple, and green colors. When you’re looking to add to your emo wardrobe, you’ll see leather, straps, band tees, and chains. All of these are perfect additions to any emo closet.

Although styles and trends are bound to change over time, some things have stayed true to emo fashion. A few key things to note would be the use of chunky black boots, little black skirts, and a black and white striped shirt underneath a band tee. What usually defines emo clothing is the fact that there’s a dark vibe to it, and there’s usually pride in your favorite emo bands.

What Are Some Key Emo Clothing Pieces?

There are a few clothing items and accessories that everyone thinks of when they hear the word emo. You’ll most likely immediately think of black pants, studs, maybe a choker, and dark makeup. You can even mesh kawaii and emo styles by sporting a cute skull or dark version of Hello Kitty on your clothes. 

Though there are some obvious qualities that make emo clothing a style of its own, there aren’t any rules, and you can pretty much add or take away anything you want.

We have some favorite key items that are perfect for an emo wardrobe. Think purple studded belts and fishnet tights. Want to know more of our favorites? Keep reading.

  • Black high-tops
  • Netted tights or socks
  • Black mini skirts
  • Chunky black boots
  • Baggy, distressed jeans
  • Black skinny jeans
  • Oversized sweatshirts
  • Black shirts layered with stripes
  • Dyed hair or wigs
  • Plaid mini skirts with tights
  • Body chains
  • Studs and O-rings

The list could go on and on, but we’ll spare you. We think you get the point. 

Any combination of these items would be perfect if you’re looking for some inspiration or want to add some new things to your emo wardrobe. As we said, feel free to add or leave out anything you want. Channel your inner emo and go for a unique style experience!

Emo Clothing at Moeflavor

As we’re sure you know, our team over here at Moeflavor is very into all things emo. We love everything about the music, clothes, makeup—you name it. 

Good news for you: we’ve got several amazing pieces in the shop that cater to this moody subculture. If you’re into this as much as we are, then scroll down to hear what emo-inspired pieces we currently have and some ways you can style them.

Curious to know what’s hot right now?

Vinyl Skirt

Ok, we’re quite literally obsessed with this vinyl skirt for more reasons than one. While we are a lingerie brand, we take pride in having pieces that can be versatile in your everyday wardrobe, as well. That’s where this skirt comes in.

Obviously, you can wear this skirt with a sexy pair of undies in the bedroom, but pair it on top of some cute distressed black leggings, and you’re set for the day. We think this skirt would be super cute with black denim and a fitted band tee, as well.

Unisex Cyber Bunny Hoodie

Where do we even start with this piece? What’s more emo than a black hoodie with a graphic in purple? We would totally wear this hoodie with the skirt we mentioned above, or keep it simple and cute with some black skinny jeans and high-top sneakers.

For an extra emo look, size up from your normal size to create an oversized, trendy look. This hoodie can work for any season and any mood. Wear it super oversized as a dress of sorts, and you’ll be the cutest emo there ever was.

Dex Sheer Stockings

We’ve come up with the hottest look, including our beloved sheer stockings

Pair these with a mini skirt or cut-off shorts in the color or material of your choice (we love a leather mini skirt), and add a tucked-in band tee with a dark plaid flannel on top. Bonus points if you add some chunky black boots or a studded belt.

This look has major concert vibes, and we’re here for it. Dress these stockings up or down, depending on the day. We love that these come in a wide choice of sizes, too, so you’ll be comfortable and stylish.

Nya Net Thigh High Stockings

Similar to our sheer stockings, these net thigh highs will add even more spice to your emo look if that’s what you’re going for. We love creating a look with these stockings in black, but they also come in red and white if you want to add some color to your outfit.

Wear these under a mini pinafore dress with an oversized sweater underneath, and include some platform heels or combat boots to complete the look. You can also go full force by putting on some winged eyeliner and making sure your hair is just the right amount of lived-in chic.

Devil Horn Headband

The greatest thing about emo outfits is that you can choose so many accessories to make the outfit more or less edgy. Our Devil Horn Headband comes in black, pink, and red and would look so cute with all the looks we’ve listed above.

Whether you’re cosplaying, going out with friends, or wearing sexy lingerie for the night, this headband will be the perfect companion to your emo outfit. We’re sure it will pull your look together, and everyone will want to know where you got it.

Tying Things Up With a Black Bow

Now you’ve got the full insight into what emo is, how it started, and how you can enhance your wildest emo wardrobe dreams. Get out there and get shopping so that you can keep this angsty subculture alive! We’ll see you at the shows.


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