A Beginner’s Guide on Where To Buy Festival Clothes

Congrats, you’ve made it to the ultimate guide if you’re planning for festival season! That’s right, festivals are back, and we know you’re as pumped as we are to buy tickets and start outfit planning. Along with the fun outfits, we’re also going to make sure you have everything you need to stay safe and have the time of your life this festival season.

Buckle up and get excited because we’re about to take a look at what’s trending in festival fashion this year, what accessories are all the rage, and what else to pack to ensure you have the most comfortable time possible. There are several festivals to choose from this year, and depending on the location, you’ll need items that make sense for the weather, duration of stay, and more.

Are you ready? Read on and start dreaming about all the fringe, sparkles, boots, and glitter.

Festival Fashion Forecast

Trends come and go, and there’s always something new to try out when it comes to fashion. In the festival world, this is even more common. 

If you’ve looked into festival fashion at all, then you know what we’re talking about! You’ll see everything from cropped leather jackets with tons of fringe to shiny platform sandals. No need to get overwhelmed; there are plenty of ways to incorporate daring pieces into anyone’s personal style. Let’s get into it.

Festival Styles Trending Now

Want to be sure you’re up to date with all the festival trends? We’re here to help. You’ll be seeing these pieces and outfits at this year’s events, and you just might want to try them yourself.

Currently, we’re seeing a lot of outfits that are sprinkled with western vibes. Think leather, fringe, cowboy boots, and cow print. Add some color for an even more fun take. Choosing a colorful version of any of these looks will help you stand out and give you more individuality. 

We’re also seeing worn-out band tees, cut-off denim, colorful tassel skirts, and buckled biker boots. Try mixing and matching any of these options for a unique look.

Add Some Fun Elements

What do we mean? Well, clothes are one thing, but we think any outfit can be elevated with some super fun nail looks and hairstyles. 

As far as nails go, this year, we’re loving a bright twist on the classic French manicure. Think outside the box and choose neon yellow or hot pink for the tips. It’s also popular right now to use color blocking and holographic nail stickers. 

When you start thinking about hairstyles, keep in mind where you’re going and when. Choose a fun twist on an updo, like milkmaid braids or bubble braids.

Our Favorite Festival Looks

It’s one thing to chit-chat about all of these ideas, but another to start putting outfits together. No worries, we’ve made it simpler by pairing pieces together that create the boldest, most fashionable looks. Find out what they are below.

  • Start off with your most beloved band tee — bonus points if it’s black. Tuck it into our black vinyl mini skirt overtop some cute boy shorts or distressed tights.
  • For a casual look, throw on a pair of cut-off shorts, a white cropped tank, and a black leather harness for some edge.
  • You can easily create a kawaii look by pairing a pastel lingerie set underneath a sheer slip dress. This is also a great way to keep things lightweight.
  • If you like a combination of cute and edgy, we’ve got you covered. Start with a distressed mini dress and add some chunky biker boots. Bring in the cuteness with a fun hairstyle, a cute manicure, and glitter around your eyes. You can also add in some super cute temporary tattoos.

Accessorize Your Look

We’ve mentioned a few accessories above, but there are endless ways to accessorize to amp up your festival looks. We wanted to let some of our favorites have a moment.

We’re seeing a lot of hype about berets, and there are some chic ones with nets. These can be added to an edgy or feminine look. 

Chains are still all the rage, whether they’re in necklace form or worn as body chains. We mentioned chunky boots, but we’re going to mention them again because they’re huge right now. Pair any of these accessories with your look, and you’ll be right on-trend.

Choose the Festival Location and Start Packing

Depending on your music taste and where you are on the map, there are many festivals to choose from, the most talked-about obviously being Coachella in California. There’s also the Beale Street Music Festival in Tennessee, Shaky Knees Festival in Georgia, and Sol Blume Festival in California. All of these take place in the spring, but depending on location, you’ll need to pack accordingly.

No matter the climate, there are some essentials that we think should be in everyone’s bag or a cute fanny pack. Make sure you have face wipes, sunscreen, a travel hairbrush, hair ties if needed, and any medicines you may need (think vitamin C or pain relief).

There are also some items that could come in handy if you’re staying at a festival for more than a day. It would be smart to pack a backup pair of shoes, something comfy to sleep in, extra undies, a cute raincoat just in case, and sunglasses. It’s also a great idea to pack a bandana or two that can act as headbands, scarves, or face masks to shield you from any dust or smoke.

We’ve Made It Easy To Shop for Your Next Festival

Lucky for you, your festival shopping just got easier. We’ve got tons of pieces that would make amazing additions to your outfits and some that make great outfits in themselves. At Moeflavor, we’re big fans of using the same piece to create several different looks, so you don’t need to worry about shopping forever for the perfect look.

Keep reading to check out some festival-ready pieces from the shop and how we would style them for any music hang out.

Ara Ara Bodysuit

A short-sleeved, black bodysuit. Need we say more? This piece is a no-brainer for so many reasons. Layering will be your best friend at festivals because of the temperature changes throughout the day. 

Our bodysuit pairs well with cut-off shorts, a fun tassel skirt, and even a trendy trench coat. Spice up the look with a fun bucket hat and some rad boots.

Drippin In Milk Dress

Looking for a super breezy, sexy choice? You’re in the right spot. This dress will keep you cool in the sun while you dance your heart out. With its cow print pattern and revealing cut, you’ll have all eyes on you. This look will also look great underneath any layers you add, and the vibe of it can change depending on your shoe choice.

Heart Rhinestone Garters

Remember when we mentioned how chains are trending? This is your sign to jump on the trend. These rhinestone garters will add the perfect amount of feminine flair to almost any outfit you choose. 

Wear these over any bottoms to show them off. We’re sure you can style these in many ways that will have people asking you if they can use you as style inspo.

Heart Reflective Face Mask

You may need to make sure you have face masks at the ready when you go to this year’s festivals. After all, we’re still trying to play it safe in regards to you-know-what. 

The good news? We’ve designed a mask that is as cute and fashionable as it is practical. Keep this one handy and wear it as needed. The cute reflective heart looks cool in flash photos, which is perfect for those late festival nights. Grab a couple of these masks for you and your friends to keep safe and stylish.

You’re Now Ready To Jam Out

You’ve got all the info you need at this point to get all your outfits and packing lists checked off. Festivals are still a little ways away, but it never hurts to get prepared. Now you’ve got time to perfect your looks and to be sure you have anything you’d need for weather changes or outfit mishaps.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to go shopping and hit the festivals with our closest friends. If you want to get ultra prepared, grab those friends and head to our site to snag the pieces we listed before they’re gone. There’s something for everyone, and we know you’re going to look your best.

Happy partying!


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