A Beginner’s Guide on Where To Buy Rave Clothes

Rave parties are bigger and better than ever these days. Full of bright lights, hype music, and the coolest styles, raves are a place to express your individuality. They are the perfect spot to show off your favorite outfits. Lucky for you, we’ve got the only guide you’ll need if you’re stumped about your next rave outfit decision.

In this guide, you’ll find out the ins and outs of what makes a rave party, the trendiest outfits of the season, and how you can even enjoy a rave at home — plus some of our favorite styles for these spirited parties. You won’t have to worry about any of the details after reading our newest guide all about our favorite night-life experience. Ready to get the scoop?

Keep reading to be inspired for your next rave.

What Makes a Rave?

We’re sure you know just as well as we do what a rave is and have probably been to more than one. Even still, we want to take a deep dive into what makes a rave, how they started, and why they’re so awesome. With the info we’re about to share, you may even be inspired to host a rave of your own.

Complete with strobe lights, loud music, and fog machines, raves are all-night-long parties that host a boisterous crowd. The most popular raves are in cities like Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City. Of course, you can find a rave pretty much anywhere. Those who attend raves are ready to stay up all night enjoying the scene.

If you’re a fan of EDM or fast-paced electronic music and fun, brightly colored outfits, then we’re sure you’ll fit right into the rave scene. Raves are a place to show off your individual style — and they are generally inclusive to everyone who attends. What more could you ask for if you’re searching for something fun to do?

All About the Trendiest Rave Styles

While you can find a wide variety of styles at a rave, certain elements are commonly found at these parties. What would go better with the bumping electronic music than neon mini skirts and glow-in-the-dark shirts? It’s never shocking to see bold patterns and eclectic combinations of different colors and styles.

That said, you don’t have to be the biggest fan of bright colors and spunky patterns to dress to impress for a rave. There are so many stunning and electrifying options to wear, like black vinyl mini skirts. At Moeflavor, we’re huge fans of all of these options. We think there are endless ways to mix and match with the right pieces to create a different look for every rave you go to.

When shopping for your next rave, make sure to take this short list of the trendiest pieces:

We could go on and on about cute and sexy outfits that you can wear to a rave, but with this list, you can’t go wrong. Choose any of those listed above, and you’ll be the trendiest at the party — or music festival. Just be ready for everyone to ask you where you got your outfit, and you can send them our way when they’re looking for rave or festival fashion.

Raving Out on the Town and at Home

As you know, we’ve been doing more and more activities in the comfort of our own homes to stay healthy. That means you can host your very own rave in your living room with the right equipment, lighting, and music. These days, you can even live stream your favorite EDM artists, so creating your own rave is a breeze.

Put together the perfect rave outfit and invite your closest friends for the perfect at-home rave. To start, choose the location of your rave and either set up your favorite playlist or choose an artist to live stream. 

If you need a little bit more convincing that raves at home are up-and-coming, just think about the fact that you can truly wear whatever you want, and you won’t have to travel to get back home when the night is over. What’s better than that?

Moeflavor Styles To Include in Your Outfit

Have you realized yet that we’re huge fans of all things neon and a little (or a lot) revealing? We’ve got so many styles and pieces that are literally designed with raves in mind. Even though we think our designs can be worn for many different occasions, we have some in mind that are literally begging for you to wear them to your next rave or when you’re looking for festival wear.

Check out these high-quality key pieces that are ready to go for dancing the night away:

Love Dessert Cow Maid

This cute set includes a bow headband, apron, bra, underwear, sleeves, and garter. Our Love Dessert Cow Maid outfit comes in the most adorable pastel pink cow print and has every detail thought out. This is the perfect set if you aren’t into neon shades but still want to dress to impress.

We’re all about body positivity and loving the skin you’re in, so we’ve made sure to make this set available from Petite to Plus Size. We believe you’ll feel sexy and confident in this strappy choice. You can even spice it up even more with a cow ears headband or white stockings.

Reflective Moon Japanese Sailor Uniform

Talk about the perfect choice for a rave! Our Reflective Sailor Uniform can be worn together as a set or as a top or skirt separately. Our favorite part about this choice is that it’s totally reflective, which will have all eyes on you in a dark club scene.

This option is also size-inclusive and is available in sizes XS-4XL so that you can feel confident no matter your body type. We do want to note that you should be sure to check our size chart with this one as the fabric has no stretch. This outfit looks amazing in person and in pictures, which is perfect for when you’re capturing your fun night out. Seriously, the search for EDM clothing stops here. 

Drippin In Milk Dress

Looking for another option that’s not so out of the box but still bold? Our Drippin In Milk Dress will be your go-to. This piece is classic black and white cow print and will show off all your curves. We note that the skirt of this piece is intentionally short, so be sure to wear your favorite undergarments underneath.

We love to add a cow ears headband, some cheeky eyewear, or sexy tights to really round out the look. You can even amp up the look by wearing reflective platform heels. If you decide to rave at home, this is a great choice since you can comfortably crash when the night is done with no outfit change needed.

Spice Up Your Rave With These Accessories

Accessories are your best friend when it comes to any outfit. We’ve got an amazing list of accessories that will play well with anything you decide to wear to a rave. Whether it’s a headband, a cute pair of stockings, or some temporary tattoos, we’ve got what you need. Mind this list when you’re shopping for your next look.

With any look you go for, whether it’s a bright and bold look, a colorful bikini set, or a black and white cow print dress, any of these accessories will add the perfect amount of spice. Be bold and get ready to stand out as you hit the dance floor. The best part? You can add any of these accessories that you love in your rave apparel to your festival outfits too. 

Let’s Wrap This Rave Up

Whether you’re a newbie to the rave scene or have been there and done that, we hope this guide has given you all the info and inspo you need to pick out your newest outfit for the party. Styles change all the time, so we wanted to be sure to fill you in on what’s hot right now!

Raves are the place to be if you love showing off your style and body and involve the most exciting music and lights that keep the mood alive. Get out with friends to experience these fun parties or host one of your own. There are so many ways to get a rave pumping.

Stay in style with the latest costumes, colors, and accessories that will keep raving all the rage. You’ll need to wear pieces that are light and breathable as you heat up from all the movement. Make sure to keep this guide handy as you pick out new outfits — perfect for rave and festival clothing!


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