A Beginner’s Guide on Where To Get Gothic Clothes

Look, we get it. Sometimes our wardrobe feels lacking and stale, too. Isn’t that why you clicked on this article? If it is, you’re going to want to stick around and learn all the best ways to update, refresh, or even start your goth wardrobe or cosplay.

This is a beginner’s guide on where to get gothic clothes. Still, we want to go a couple of steps further. We will let you know what the hottest trending accessories are in the world of alternative fashion, how to wear goth clothes no matter your body shape, and how to shop gothic clothing on a budget. From e-girls to vampire goths, there’s something for everyone.

Sounds like some info you need in your life? You won’t be sorry you read this complete gothic guide. Dive into the dark and spooky world full of big sleeves, cool tights, and black boots. First up, let’s define the beloved gothic style.

Gothic Style: Defined

It can be overwhelming to look for clothing in any style, especially a style with so many different qualities and subcultures. Gothic style is full of dark and mysterious clothing pieces. It can sometimes be confused for the other well-known styles like punk, heavy metal, and emo. If you’re into goth fashion and take pride in all things spooky, read on to get the whole history scoop.

Goth fashion has been around for a long time. It stems from the word gothic, which refers to architecture in Western Europe during the 12th through 16th centuries. The architecture of this time was full of oversized windows, high arches, and rib vaults, which makes sense if you know much at all about gothic style.

It’s no shock that goth clothes are usually black and honestly morbid looking. We like it that way and are big fans of expressing yourself through this interesting and unique fashion choice. If you’re goth or know someone who is, your first thoughts about this style probably include black lipstick, eyeliner, and clothes with intricate details.

You might think of rockabilly inspired clothing, or maybe you’re picturing punk rave clothes. This style can be feminine or unisex, funky or demure, and so much more.

Staples of Goth Style

No matter how goth style came to be, we know that people have been choosing to express themselves with it for a while. Gothic clothes can be anything you want them to be and as detailed or simple as you’d like. Check out some of our favorite qualities of gothic clothing below.

  • Big sleeves: It’s not uncommon to find gothic clothing with big sleeves and ruffles, almost resembling bat wings. We love them for their spooky element and the fact that they make you feel mystical.
  • Corsets: Corsets are often included in the design of gothic tops and mini dresses.
  • Dark skirts: Mini skirts are a great way to add detail to a goth look, especially if you choose one in a dark plaid pattern.
  • Sheer fabric: Make a goth look even more mysterious and sexy by wearing a top with sheer detail or a pair of sheer tights.
  • Dark makeup: Makeup is such a cool way to express your style, and gothic makeup is extra cool with its edgy eyeliner and dark red or black lipstick.
  • Black lace: Just like the sheer fabric we mentioned, it’s not unusual to see a lot of black lace added to gothic clothing. Lace is another awesome way to add style and flair, whether you’re incorporating that lace on a handbag or in your leggings.

Key Gothic Clothing Pieces

Sure, we’ve mentioned a bunch of key qualities you’ll see when it comes to gothic clothes, but what about key clothing pieces themselves? You’ll often see certain items in gothic streetwear while shopping for your cool new gothic wardrobe, and we want to highlight our favorites.

Check out this list and keep it in mind while you’re shopping ‘til you drop in a pile of dark-colored fabric.

  • Long skirts: These are great for feeling like your best and most gorgeous witchy self and can be extremely flattering and slimming. You can find long skirts in pretty much any fabric and style. Look out for hi-low, handkerchief style, and even Victorian walking skirts. Pair them with a crop top for a sexier look or a t-shirt and chunky goth boots for a modern take.
  • Velvet dresses: What’s more edgy and gothic than a black velvet gothic dress? Whether you choose a long-sleeved option or bare it all with sleeveless, spice it up with different chokers, jewelry, fishnet tights, and combat boots.
  • Shawls: Shawls don’t just come in pastel colors with a doily vibe. You can find amazing black lace shawls with giant sleeves in as little or as much detail as you’re looking for.

Now that we’ve covered a few of our favorite looks, how about going a little deeper into how gothic style is perfect for all bodies?

Gothic Clothing on All Bodies

In our opinion, the time of thinking that certain clothing only looks good on certain bodies is way in the past. Embrace your dark side and all the goth clothes that come with it, no matter what shape and size your unique body is.

We think every body is stunning, so we want to highlight some pieces of gothic clothing that are great for different shapes.

Different Sizes Are Beautiful

As if it’s not already clear, we love all body shapes and sizes. We think that everyone should have readily available gothic clothing that fits them and makes them feel amazing.

Here at Moeflavor, we offer sexy lingerie and clothing in sizes extra small through plus sizes so that you can have all the options you deserve.

Body Shapes and Their Beauty

No matter your body shape, we feel you can wear anything that makes you feel like royalty. With that said, we do have some ideas for flattering pieces for different shapes if you want a little guide as you shop.

For instance, clothing with corsets accentuates the waist and gives virtually anyone that beloved hourglass shape. Depending on your height or torso length, the right skirt can make you look taller and slimmer (if you’re into that).

Styles Within Gothic Clothing

When you hear about gothic clothing, do you have one or two ideas in your head about what that looks like exactly? We do too, but there are actually a few different styles within this magical subculture.

If you’re wondering what we’re talking about, we’re thinking about Romantic, Pastel, and SteamGoth styles. That’s what’s so great about this style – the options for self-expression are endless. These are just three of our favorites, but you can also imbue elements of grunge, alt, and retro vibes into your gothic fashion.

Read a little more about those three styles of gothic clothing:

  • Romantic Goth Style: Think of velvet, silk, lace, and chiffon designed in flowy pieces. This style is inspired by the Victorian and Renaissance eras and is perfect for a more delicate style.
  • Pastel Goth Style: Maybe our favorite out of these three, pastel goth style is full of kawaii colors and makeup. You’ll see pastel colors, glitter, and Japanese Manga-influenced clothing.
  • SteamGoth Style: Also known as Steampunk, this is a style with timepieces, goggles, and parasols. We’re obsessed with the combination of technical detail and military-esque clothing pieces like vests and coats. Layer on chunky, metallic necklaces and really go all-in with the details.

Goth Style for Any Budget

You should be able to express yourself with clothing no matter what your budget is, which is why we provide clothing and lingerie at affordable prices. If you’re in the market for some of these hot goth pieces, you’ll want to start at Moeflavor.

It can be difficult and overwhelming to find any style of clothing that fits your price points, but we think we’ve made the task a little easier. Another plus to shopping for all your alternative clothing needs at Moeflavor is that you can have it delivered directly to you. Also, you can be sure that your pieces are uniquely designed and crafted.

Whether you’re a seasoned gothic dresser or are just getting started, feel at ease and make us your one-stop-shop without breaking the bank. We’re confident you’ll be able to find several things you’ll love and never want to take off.

Gothic Clothes Shopping Made Easy

You’ve got the style tips and the facts about the prices, so now we want to make sure you know how easy it is to find your new favorite pieces, whether they’re sexy and spicy or perfect additions to your everyday goth wardrobe.

When you shop at Moeflavor, you’ll have tabs for all your needs right at your fingertips. We’ve made shopping and picking out specific pieces as easy as pie.

All Dressed and Ready To Go

Feeling ready to fill your closet with some amazing goth pieces now? Sure you are! It’s easier than you’d think to become the gothic unicorn you’ve always wanted to be. Get ready to feel like the main character with all these tips and tricks to shopping for gothic clothes.

What are you waiting for? Head on over and pick out the perfect pieces for you.


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