$5 Sale FAQ

We are receiving an overwhelming amount of emails and it will be hard for us to catch up. We're hoping we can answer your questions below! Please note it may take 2 weeks for sale orders to ship. We're expecting to finish by March 15.

SALE DURATION: Feb 27-Feb 29

For the password, please fill in the pop up to have the password revealed.

  • Items only available today (Feb 27) during early access will be removed tomorrow (Fen 28): Love Dessert Cow Maid, Sheer Succubus Bodysuit (Pink and red), MEKA Maid (white)
  • Only WHITE Meka Maid is on sale on our USA site
  • Chaotic Nurse is on sale only on INTL website
  • Only certain colors and products are on sale. Please select the ones on sale and it will show as discounted when you check out. For example if you're on the US site, if you add black Meka Maid to cart, it won't work since it's not on sale. White Meka Maid will work!
  • Products show as $10 but once you check out, the discount applies so it will be $5 as long as you selected the colors/ products that are on sale.
  • Unfortunately during our $5 sale, we're unable to make changes to your order as the FAQ here https://moeflavor.com/pages/faq . However, we can cancel your order if it's not shipped.  Email us at main@moeflavor.com with your request to cancel. Thank you!