Creating an Award-Winning Booth at our 1st Convention - LVL UP EXPO

It all started with an idea. We wanted to create a booth that would be the talk of the convention. We wanted it to be innovative, engaging, and memorable.


Setting up a booth for a trade show or convention can be intimidating, especially when it’s your first time. After four months of hard work and planning, we were ready to debut our anime lingerie brand at the LVLUP Expo. We were so excited because we had gone all out with features like LED walls, interactive activities, floating platforms, and light-up mannequins that gave off a cyber-gaming vibe.  After 16 hours of setup day craziness, our booth was ready to go—and it ended up winning the award for best display at the show! Let’s take you through our experience and how we won the award.

The preparation process leading up to setup day involved more than just building a physical display; it also included stocking inventory, designing marketing boards, training the team, and creating a system for us to work well together. On setup day itself, our team worked for over 16 hours straight until everything was in place—which included assembling walls for the booth space and setting up fixtures for displaying lingerie pieces. It was physically challenging to move around heavy boxes for our warehouse team of two.

When designing our booth display, we wanted to make sure that each element built up our cyberpunk theme—from its layout to costumes to innovative lighting elements like glowing LED walls and light-up mannequins. We were even the first to create a succubus tattoo booth where we would apply tattoos on customers. Once everything was set up properly according to plan, we felt confident about what attendees would see when they visited us at the convention. We were right—our booth not only drew in huge crowds but also caught the eye of LVLUP Expo who awarded us Best Booth Display at the end of the event!

Our experience in building and setting up a trade show booth was an unforgettable one! Despite feeling intimidated before beginning this project, we completed it successfully with our amazing team. What made us stand out from other vendors were our never before seen features that created an immersive cyber gaming atmosphere while showcasing our lingerie collection. In addition to having fun and getting lots of attention during the event itself, we even won an award for best booth display! We couldn't have been happier with how things turned out.