Role Play Sex: 5 Ideas to Try in the Bedroom

Role Play Sex: 5 Ideas to Try in the Bedroom

Introducing new ideas into the bedroom can be an exciting (and sometimes daunting) task. But before you go straight from the first date to bondage, you may want to try something a little more explorative. We can think of at least one great way to get to know your partner and what you both enjoy before diving headfirst into BDSM. 

Enter: role play sex! Spice things up between you and your partner by assuming different roles while getting hot and heavy. Role play sex can sound a little intimidating, but we promise that once you get the hang of it, it can be an incredible tool to have in your sexual arsenal. 

The History of Role Playing

For your first foray into role playing, you’ll be the student, and we will be the teacher. Have a seat at your desk, and let’s have a history lesson, shall we?

Re-enactments have been something that people have practiced for thousands of years. We have the ancient Romans and medieval Europeans to thank for the origins of role playing — they would often pretend to be another person from an earlier time in history. 

As we fast forward to the 20th century, we began to see role playing being used as a hobby for folks seeking a bit of an escape.

Role playing has been used as an educational technique, too … and this isn’t just relegated to our teacher/student role playing scenario today. Studies have shown that role playing can have a positive effect on enhancing and motivating learning. This is because role playing can be quite engaging and mentally stimulating. We’ll take it!

The beginnings of role play in a sexual nature are fairly obvious to us. Sometimes, it’s just fun to pretend to be somebody else! Putting an erotic spin on it elevates role playing to a more exciting level.

How to Introduce the Concept of Role Play Sex in Your Relationship

Before you get started with role play sex, it’s always wise to talk to your partner first to set ground rules. Decide on what you do and do not want to occur, and make the fantasy outline clear for everyone.

 If you have the intention of getting carried away (or not), it can be helpful to provide a safe word that will let you know that the session needs a break from the fantasy world. (As an aside, you may want to take a peek at our Bondage for Beginners article, too, to see if that could be up your alley).

You will want to be upfront and transparent with your partner, even though it may feel a little intimidating at first. Sharing fantasies can be a vulnerable place to be, but with the right approach and a supportive partner, you may just find that you two become even closer.

The act of role play allows for creativity with your partner, as well as an expression of fantasies that you can act out together. The great thing about role play is that you can take it as literally or as casually as you’d like. 

You can change things up each time you decide to role play, too, getting full into a day-long session of acting out roles or keeping it strictly to your intimate private time. 

What Are Some Fun Role Play Ideas?

Curious about how to begin, as far as role play sex is concerned? We are here to help you start down this tantalizing and playful path. Here are our favorite ideas when it comes to role play sex: Five of them, to be precise!

#1: Acting the Part

Our first role play idea involves finding mutual ground with your partner. Do you have a common interest or sexual fantasy that you can turn into a fun and interactive session? With that knowledge in mind, let’s create a quick adventure into that world. 

If you’re basing your session on a show or movie that you both have an interest in, maybe you can incorporate costumes and new names, then act the part of the role to reflect the people from the show or movie. 

For a day-long session, try to think of your home as a place of work and create your own storyline. Maybe you and your partner have both maintained secret crushes on each other, and today is the day one of you decides to act on those feelings. That can feel so tantalizing! 

You can decide on who will be the one to make the first move, or maybe you’ll let it be up to both of you to figure out as the day unfolds. Give yourself duties to complete through the day to keep up the fantasy, all the while teasing each other to see who will be the first to break. 

Costume Idea: Nya Net Thigh Highs underneath a short dress or skirt help with teasing your partner all day (and night) long.

#2: Nurse Fantasy

A classic (for a reason!) role play game is nurse and doctor. You could even potentially go with a combination of doctor and patient, as well. 

If you are playing doctor and patient, you can set up a scenario for a visit. The fun comes in during the physical part of your appointment, slowly working your way through a physical that has the possibility of getting carried away … or maybe involves some nontraditional treatment methods.

If you’re going with doctor and nurse role play sex, things can get steamy very quickly. Maybe you and your partner have had a long day at the office, and everyone else has left the building. Now it’s just the two of you, and nobody is around … and it’s time for the nurse to get a check-up. Ooh, we are getting goosebumps just envisioning this sexy role playing scenario!

Costume Idea: Latex Succubus Nurse is available in either white or black, depending on your mood. We love the sexy vinyl fabric and cute heart details studded throughout this too-hot-to-handle number.

As a matter of fact, you really can’t go wrong with any number of sensual outfits from our Nurse Collection

#3: Making Goth Dreams a Reality

Are you more into the dark and scary? Witchy vibes and spooky feels are fantastic to bring into the bedroom. What about role playing a haunting scenario with a succubus who makes all your nightmares (or dreams) come true? 

You could arrange an actual interruption of sleep with a visit from a ghost with very strong needs. Or stage a seance where you or your partner summons a ghost with certain requests, but only if they provide an offering.

Set the stage for some dark role playing with candles, black lace, and strappy lingerie. Halloween feels can hang around longer than October, ladies and gentlemen!

Costume Idea: Our Sheer Succubus Bodysuit is oh-so-inviting. The sheer fabric will have your partner just itching to remove this lingerie, but not before they get a good look at just how good-looking you are! One of our favorite things about this lingerie is the criss-cross detailing that highlights curves. So sexy!

MOEFLAVOR even has a Halloween Collection that may also suit your fancy.

#4: Gamer Role Play: Nerf This!

Gamer girls are just the cutest. As a role play sex idea, you can be playing a co-op game with your partner that evolves from the PC screen to real life. Another possibility is to dress up as your favorite video game characters, like 2B from Nier: Automata

Costume Idea: We are so into the cyberpunk stylings of our Danger Cyber Cat Outfit and Danger Cyber Cat Bikini. Sexy vinyl Cyber Stockings and Danger Cyber Cat Headband really tie the whole look together flawlessly. 

#5: Kittens, Cows, and Bunnies: Oh My!

Dressing up and cosplaying as all of the cutest animals is one way to implement something new and sexy in the bedroom. You and your partner can both wear matching Soft Spring Cow Sets, or the role play sex situation can be one of a pet and master.

Costume Idea: We have so many possibilities when it comes to adorable animal lingerie! Start off feelin’ frisky with our Neko Swimsuit in blue or pink, and grab some kitty ears to match. You can also add a sweet element with the pastel hues of our Love Dessert Cow Maid outfit. Finally, our Cyber Bunny Set is also a great choice.

Clearly, the possibilities are endless!


Your sexual role playing can be as in-depth or as casual as you want it to be. That is the beauty of introducing new ideas into your relationship: These concepts should really resonate with you and your partner, and help bring the two of you closer in an intimate way. 

When considering including role play sex in your bedroom toolbox, it’s important to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page, that the two of you go with ideas that reflect you, and that you have a thrilling and flirty time!

Now go forth, you sexy kitten. Meowww.


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