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Jiggle Defender Waterproof Heavy Duty Body Cosplay Tape
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Jiggle Defender Waterproof Heavy Duty Body Cosplay Tape

Sale price$12.99




First Clothing Double Sided Tape for Cosplayers

Experience security that other body tapes couldn’t give


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ultra Sticky 12 Hr Hold
  • Sweatproof and Waterproof
  • Skin and Fabric Safe
  • Secures Thin and Heavy fabrics
  • Latex Free

    Great for: stockings, swimsuit, wigs, blouses
    Be worry free for cosplay conventions, weddings, and photoshoots

    Set includes: 1 Pack, 40 pcs Tape 
    Materials: PU, silicone oil, acrylic adhesive, and blank release paper.

    Size(Inches) Length Width
    One Size 3.15 Inches 0.59 Inches

    Remove the tape before washing the clothes.

    Please perform a patch test to check any irritation or sensitivity by cutting a small piece of tape and wearing it on the skin for at least 8 hours.

    1. Prep skin with rubbing alcohol
    2. Peel the long printed side first and press onto skin
    3. Peel plain side starting from the middle and out and press fabric on

    Check out full instructions here.

    Tape can be lifted and stretched off without any pain as this video.

    For sensitive skin, use oil or rubbing alcohol (rubbing alcohol works best) and allow the tape to soak the liquid before attempting to stretch off the tape.

    If your skin is very sensitive, we also recommend to not clean the skin so your natural oils will act as a barrier between your skin and tape.

    1. Prep skin with rubbing alcohol
    2. Apply two tapes to the front leg. One above and one below. Peel off long liner from tape first
    3. If you need extra help, apply 4 tapes.
    4. Peel the rest of the liners from middle out. This prevents pre-lifting. Press stockings.
    5. Tape doesn’t work on the back leg since it puts the tape in an angle where it’s easy to be pulled off. Tape stays when applied to the front only.

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